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Complications, although rare, can be a devastating experience for anyone.  To have just gone through a major surgery and recovery then be faced with another major surgery so soon, is never pleasant.  These courageous patients have shared their experiences so others who might be facing the same situation will not feel alone. Some describe their symptoms in detail.

Failures or complications are a part of any major surgery and hip resurfacing is no different, however, with hip resurfacing they are very rare.  My educated guess (now backed by a new study ) is that over 90% of the hip resurfacing failures occur due to surgeon error.  There is a proven learning curve for this procedure.  Most of these stories are from patients that went to a surgeon in the first 100 procedures.  Unfortunately there are a few doctors that no matter how many surgeries they perform, they will never be experts at it (read also my piano analogy explained in Selecting the Right Surgeon).  Please remember that surgeon selection is the single most important decision you can make in this process.  Thanks to all of the brave patients in this section for sharing their painful stories to help others.  Many are very happy now with their THR's and back to living normal lives.  I will try to add updates to the end of their stories about how they are doing now after revision surgery.

If you think you might have a serious problem or the symptoms described in these stories match your own, please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .   I can get you in touch with some of these other patients.  Or if you have been through this yourself and would like to share your story to help others, please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  You can remain anonymous.  I will not post any stories without your consent.  You can also submit your x-rays with a brief description.

Arbor developed large lumps/bumps in hip area, years post op - Allergy? PDF Print E-mail

This patient is probably a classic rare case of a true metal allergy.  He went to a top notch surgeon and got a proven device and yet 3 years post op, he has developed large bumps or lumps in his Left hip area, close to where his incision is.  The first photo was taken in 2011, for more photos click on read more, if you are on the complications page, or if you are on this story, scroll down, to see the progression from 2009 until 2011.


Jenny Adsitt 2 failed BHR's Malpositioned then Revised to THR's PDF Print E-mail

Thank you Jenny for sharing your story.  This is a perfect example of a surgeon that misplaced her resurfacing components drastically and then blamed his mistake on the device itself and it being metal on metal when the BHR's were placed

comRBHRpletely wrong.   Sometimes staying local isn't always the best idea, convenience or expertise?  You decide.  Here's her story, hoping it will help others to not make the same mistake, with the top surgeons responses below and her x-rays. Do NOT just take your surgeons word that your component is placed correctly, if you are having pain, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and get some expert opinions.

Jenny's story:  "I am fifty years young, healthy, physically fit, and exercise regularly, extensively. I was born with under developed hip sockets and suffered from debilitating joint pain most of my life, up until hip replacement surgery in January/February 2010. 

Wendy W. Revised From Failed C+ to Poly lined resurfacing PDF Print E-mail

June 23, 2011

Hi y'all,
This is really long, so I apologize in advance.
Here's the basic info about me: female, 4'11, 105 pounds, x-gymnast which caused osteoarthritis in my right hip, 43 years old when resurfaced to MoM Wright Conserve Plus size 40mm-46 socket. Cup placed at 45 degree angle. I chose a very
experienced orthopedic surgeon who has performed well over 1500 resurfacings.

Ronaye One BHR Success one THR Botched, different surgeons PDF Print E-mail

October 6, 2011

I am bilateral and have experienced both joy and disappointment.

First let me share the joy.

In 2005 I went to see Dr. Bose in Chennai India and it was without a doubt the most positive experience I have known. I am from Vancouver. B.C. and the doctors here said a THR was the only option at my age of 65.  

Dr. Bose offered me a resurfacing and I was thrilled.  The organization of the entire team was wonderful.  I was met at the airport, driven to the hotel and the following day driven to the hospital to check in to my room, have tests and meet Dr. Bose.

Linda - Metallosis NHS PDF Print E-mail
Linda’s story  (for updates see below)
21st June 2011

I was almost 55 at the time of I had my right hip resurfaced in 2005 and had it done locally in Plymouth, Devon. Because I had private medical insurance through my employment, I was referred to a surgeon at the local private hospital who suggested that resurfacing would probably be a better option than THR for me as I was still relatively young. Although he made it clear that the procedure was relatively untried at that point in time, he also said he’d done over 24 of the procedures and was very pleased with the results. I’ve never been the sort of person to question or doubt an expert – if he said it would be a good idea, then I was happy with that; I just wanted rid of the arthritic pain and get back to a normal existence. It was not until I found the hipsrus and surfacehippy Yahoo groups while convalescing postoperatively that I discovered this was a very technically demanding procedure and it was advisable to have it done by a surgeon who had performed many more than the 25 or so mine had experience of.
Jim Tork - Revised and SAVED resurfacing PDF Print E-mail

Surface Hippies:
At Vicky's request, I am writing this report of my experience with metallosis in my resurfaced right hip, and my subsequent revision.  By revision, I mean having my acetabular cup replaced, thus retaining my resurfaced hip.

Throughout this report, I will tell you what I think I learned from my surgeon, Dr. Jim Pritchett, and the surgeon who I sought a second opinion from, Dr. Thomas Gross.  However, I am in no way trying to speak for either doctor.  If you want their opinion(s) on your case, you need to seek them out and provide them with the specific information they require to assess you as a patient.

Today, I am a 53 YO male, 6'2", 200#, athletic, and very active.  Ten years ago, I got wishboned in a ski crash and badly tore my right groin.  Although I was able to rehab from the injury, it would come back to haunt me 6 years later in the form of osteoarthritis in that hip.  

Kris C, Cup placed too deep, not symmetrical PDF Print E-mail

My Hip Saga…..

My Hip Saga started many years ago.  I am a life-long athlete. I played three sports in high school. I then went on to play Division 1 Field Hockey on the way to earning a degree in Physical Education and Health.   I always lacked flexibility in my hips and shoulders.  During my Junior and Senior years I had multiple orthopedic surgeries on both my shoulders for dislocations and rotator cuff tears.   I remember my hips being vaguely bothersome at times but never severe enough to seek out medical help.

First I took care of my back
In the fall of 2004 I began to experience back pain.  I had an MRI which showed a herniated disc at L4/L5.   I tried to treat it conservatively, but the pain only worsened until I had difficulty with daily tasks and began to exhibit more severe neurological symptoms.  Ultimately in March of 2005 I had a L4/L5 lower lumbar discectomy.  I recovered uneventfully from the surgery. 

Barrie and Claire PDF Print E-mail

June 1, 2009

Sorry to say, the BHR did not work for us... :-((

Claire had it put in left hip in Dec 2006, it worked at first, easy recovery, no restrictions on activity, she was rock scrabbling in the west less than a year after surgery. She has had increasing difficulty walking for the past year, blamed it on her known bad right knee. She just had a total knee put in Mar 16 2009, it is working well now, maybe 105 degrees flex, she still has a lot more PT to do. However, the hip hurt increasingly as she increased her exercise activity, and at surgeon's follow up visit yesterday for the knee, she reported the hip problem, xrays revealed a shortened femur neck compared to original xrays...obvious even to my untrained eye. Diagnosis is avascular necrosis in the bone under the sphere covering the femur head, treatment is emergency revision to a large ball MOM total hip using the same acetabular cup as placed for the BHR. Claire goes into emergency revision surgery Monday morning, is quite bummed about it, as she did NOT want a THR.

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