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Patient X-Ray Images
A Normal Joint X-Ray Image PDF Print E-mail

This is what A Normal Joint X-ray looks like

Ray LBHR 10/10/2012 Dr. Achecar PDF Print E-mail

Male, 42 years old at time of surgery diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis since about 2005.  Femur knob was covered with bone spurs and most likely areas of bone on bone.  Ray had his left BHR on October 10, 2012 by Dr. Achecar 


Andre Bilateral ASR July 31, 2009 Dr. Scott Ball PDF Print E-mail

39 year old male with Hip Arthirtis since age 14

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John Kelty LBHR 5/13/09 Dr. Boettner PDF Print E-mail

43-year old male, diagnosed with a slipped epiphysis of my right hip around 1980, and had it pinned by Dr. Eduardo Salvati at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York (“HSS”).  In 2001, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips (more so in the left but evident in both).


Lori Dr. Bose RBHR 10-18-06 PDF Print E-mail

Lori Diagnosis -  Mild dysplasia and "profound OA, with areas of bone-on-bone

Lori         Lori Post









September, BHR w/stem, August 19, 2009, Dr. Vijay Bose PDF Print E-mail

Female, 54 yo, advanced osteoarthritis w/cysts, pain and ROM issues for seven years prior to surgery.
Too advanced to get resurfacing (Click to see extremely graphic surgery photos)

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Silvia Beck Bilateral Dr. Bose 11/14/07 & 12/10/08 PDF Print E-mail

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Osteoarthirtis and dysplasia (shallow socket) and on my left hip i also have (had?) coxa valga.  Which means that the angle of the femoral neck is not bent enough. Component sizes, left BHR size 46/52 mm dec 08 i was 62 years old right BHR size 48/54 mm  nov 07 i was 61 years old
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Vicky Marlow LBHR, 42/48, Dr. Bose 12/01/05 PDF Print E-mail
48 year old female at time of surgery.  Diagnosis:  Left Hip Dysplasia, Osteoarthritis (OA), during surgery Dr. Bose said I was bone on bone.  LBHR size 42/48
Vicky    Vicky
Alan Ray Dr. Koen De Smet LBHR 12/15/04 PDF Print E-mail

55 year old Male at time of surgery.  Diagnosis:  End stage osteoarthitris with a component of hip dysplasia... left hip. LBHR size 58/64

Pre op x-ray coming soon 

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Bonnie Torre Dr. Gross 2/13/08 PDF Print E-mail

53 year old femaile at time of surgery.  Diagnosis: Moderate dysplasia and severe OA with some large cysts.  When there are cysts from the OA many doctors I've since found out often misdiagnose as AVN.

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Katherine Enyart Dr. Gross, Biomet uncemented, 06/04/08 PDF Print E-mail
Left Dysplasia, OA
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Mark Dante Dr. Gross 4-30-2009 RBiomet U/C PDF Print E-mail

Male age 46 at time of surgery, Diagnosis:  Osteoarthritis with slight dysplasia


Kris C RBHR, 12/17/08 Dr Keggi PDF Print E-mail

41 year old female, Original diagnosis was FAI  (for which I was surgically treated). Areas of bone on bone as demonstrated by a DeGEMERIC MRI.  Diagnosis is Degenerative Arthritis.


Ralph Mundell RBHR Dr Pritchett 5-5-09 PDF Print E-mail

 65 year old Male at time of surgery, Diagnosis: Degenerative Osteo Arthritis RBHR 52/58

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Carlos Furtado, LC+ 4/08/09, Dr. Tito H. N. Rocha PDF Print E-mail
Male, diagnosed for hip arthrosis in 2001 at age 50, got resurfaced at the age of 57 on April 8 2009
CArlos CarlosL
Steve Marx Dr. Pritchett RBHR 12/22/08 PDF Print E-mail
Male, 33 years old at time of surgery with osteoarthritis
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Ethan Stein Dr. Schmalzried. 9/15/08 PDF Print E-mail


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Carol DeLorenzo Corin 11/0/5/07 Dr. Snyder PDF Print E-mail

44 year old female at the time of my resurfacing, bi-lateral hip dysplasia. Was resurfaced November 2007, with a 48-54 Corin Stryker

Carol post op

Bruce Benson Rt. BHR, Dr. Stocks, Oct. 2, 2006 PDF Print E-mail
Bruce Benson  Diagnosis Osteoarthritis








Ian Christoph LBHR 12/08/09 Dr. Su PDF Print E-mail

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50 year old Male- Diagnosis Severe L hip osteoarthritis, LBHR 53/58

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Ben Ernsberger Bilateral BHR Dr. Su PDF Print E-mail

Male, age 31 for left hip age 32 for right hip.  Slipped Femoral Capital Epiphysis(Left Side)at Age 12 Bilateral Dysplasia Cysts, Shortened and Mismatched Neck Lengths, Coxa Valga LBHR 9-11-08 Dr Su RBHR 12-5-08 Dr Su

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Donna Maxim Dr. Su LBHR 5/4/09 &RBHR 10/13/08 PDF Print E-mail

Moderate to severe bilateral hip dysplasia
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MM Bilateral BHR 9/26/08 Dr. Su PDF Print E-mail
41 year old Male at time of surgery.  Condition:  Bilateral Cam Femeroacetabular Impingement (FAI) with acetabular retroversion; torn labrum; full thickness cartilage loss.

MM Pre op      MM
Vince DePalma Bilateral BHR Dr. Su 8-22-08 PDF Print E-mail

Vince DePalma  Osteoarthritis, with some cam impingement.  Also had a large (25%) cyst on left femoral head.

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Vince F Dr. Su LBHR 1/30/09 PDF Print E-mail

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Bone on bone, and a CT scan indicated severe arthritis with large bone spurs.  Due to my earlier surgery which had intentionally resulted in a “bent” femur and abnormal rotation, the doctor indicated I would need a THR along with a femoral osteotomy in order to straighten the femur.  Post-op I would be on crutches (zero weight bearing on operated leg) for a minimum of six weeks. Dr. Su thought I was potentially a good candidate (due to my age and general good health), and he called me to discuss my anatomy, how I walked, if I had ROM limitations, etc.  He said if I was willing to live with my current ROM limitations (the same I had lived with all my active life), he thought there was a good chance (about 80%) he could do a successful resurface. Successfully resurfaced 1/30/09.
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Jack Darr Dr. Ure, 11/14/07 RBHR PDF Print E-mail

Male age 62 at time of surgery, Diagnosis: OA


Edith Crowther Dr. Walter LBHR 8/02 PDF Print E-mail

Edith Diagnosis:  Fused hip at age 18, Hip resurfacing done at age 53

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