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Runners & Cyclists
Arnie Pollinger Dr. Su RBHR 4/9/12 PDF Print E-mail
Arnie Pollinger Dr. Su RBHR 4/9/12M55 Arnie Pollinger of Holliston, Massachusetts, is a rare bird — he runs roads and sprints. Recently, he wrote me: “I realize my running and jumping might not be noteworthy except for the fact that I am doing all this with an artificial hip.” His surgery was in April 2012, and he’s run dozens of distance races since this list began in 1997. He’s also prolific in the 60, 100 and 200 — and long jump. New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery posted a great profile of his case. “My hope is that other masters runners with degenerative hip arthritis who have been told they will never run again will read my story and realize there is a viable alternative out there,” he says. So I dug for more info, and he graciously responded.
Tim Bergman Dr. Su 11/23/11 PDF Print E-mail

Tim CycleThis is a rather long narrative, so possible lessons for those not able to endure the length, especially those just now considering HR, are:



  1. See more than one MD to verify diagnosis.
  1. Don’t settle for the first cure offered. Prepare to go outside your comfort zone.
  1. Ask others abut their experiences & knowledge-Use ‘6 degrees of separation.’ People know people (esp on this forum), most are willing to help, and have a lot of ‘unpublished’ information.
Michael DeLattre - Baseball RBHR 9/28/10, Dr. Della Valle **VIDEO** PDF Print E-mail

9 months post op and back to full on baseball

Fellow Hippies,
   Here is another video of me running to first base, and beating out a groundball to the shortstop. I had my wife keep the camera on me every time I batted. I ended up going 3 for 3 this game with 2 doubles and 3 RBI, and I even stole a base! I have been playing with an arthritic hip for the past 2 years and I didn't have 1 double in those 2 pitiful seasons. I even had guys as old as 60 running for me when I did get a single or a walk, and I was only 40! After 3 games this season, I already have 3 doubles and 2 stolen bases.
   I thank this board for my new hip. I just can't imagine what I would feel like if I would have listened to my first 2 doctors, and went ahead with the replacement. I would be totally devastated when I found out about hip resurfacing by someone else! I just hope I can pay it forward. I brag about my hip to every team I play against. I figure playing baseball with mostly guys in their 40's and 50's, someone is going to need a hip soon! I already have 2 guys calling me for further information. That feels so good.

Bill Doughty - LBHR Dr. Rector 3/2/11 PDF Print E-mail
BillI've been dealing with hip pain for about 4 years now, progressively worse. Actually started with back pain and initial diagnosis was couple of degenerative discs in low back. Complaints about hip, knee pain were dismissed as related to back. I tried yoga, physical therapy, supplements, lumbar injections, hip injections, chiropractic, massage, NSAIDs, pain meds, etc. In April, moved from Atlanta to Denver and, trying to enjoy the healthy Colorado lifestyle. Like so many people, I could continue DOING activities like hiking and cycling, but would definitely PAY for it that evening and for days afterward.

Nick Powell RBHR Dr Whately 21/03/2010 PDF Print E-mail

nickFor as long as I can remember I have always played and enjoyed sports, as one of 3 brothers and now with 3 active children of my own, sport and competition has been a fundamental part of my daily life. Through most of my teens and twenties it was predominantly team sports, football, cricket, rugby, hockey…you name it I probably played it at sometime. My main activity during my late twenties was hockey which I probably played twice a week accompanied by training twice per week.  During this time I can remember many injuries but being young I always seemed to bounce back quickly.

Mike Greene November 4, 2009 Dr. Gross PDF Print E-mail
GreeneI have always been extremely active (my wife calls it a sickness). I've played basketball pretty much weekly since I was 11 years old. I currently run a men's basketball group at a local gym where I went 7 years without missing a week until I started having too much hip pain in May of this year. I run competitively and have since 1985. In 2008 I ran 34 races from January through the first of November when the pain finally made me quit. I also play 35+ baseball, tennis, and lift weights twice a week. I just turned 47 years old on November 1.
Robyn Benincasa *Firefighter & Adventure Racer* 8/29/07 RBHR Dr. Kimball & 7/30/09 Dr. Su PDF Print E-mail
Robyn Benincasa is a full time firefighter by profession and she has a full time passion.  She is a World Champion Adventure racer that has completed 10 Ironman competitions and 36 "expedition length" adventure races.  She has been in Sports Illustrated, Vogue, The New York Times, Hooked on the Outdoors, Adventure Sports and Inside Triathlon magazines, to name a few.

Robyn had her right hip resurfaced on August 29, 2007 by Dr. Kimball in San Diego.  She was back to full duty fire fighting and was actively involved with battling the blazes in the Rancho Bernardo fires, at only 5 weeks post op! Then she had her left hip resurfacing by Dr. Su on July 30, 2009 and was back to full duty at only 4 weeks post op!! A personal interview with Robyn is below.  Here is her bio and an update below:
Patrick Kenealy Cyclist, October 23, 2007, Dr. David Mulcahy PDF Print E-mail
patPatrick Kenealy quote: "Life is too short to be suffering in pain!"

I have been an active cyclist since 1987, racing most weekends from March to September. While out training one January in 2005 I was hit by a car which resulted in a dislocated right hip. I was in hospital for a month after having it relocated and on crutches for another 6 weeks. I then returned to my training and racing but the pain gradually got worse over the years and for 2007 I hardly did any cycling and no racing.
Linda Smith- Bilateral Dr. Gross PDF Print E-mail
lindaRBiomet 3-8-06 LBiomet 10-25-06
Cincinnati, Ohio Age 58

I am about to celebrate my 3 year anniversary of my right resurfaced hip and 2.5 years for my left resurfaced hip.  I can't believe it's been that long since I got my life back.  With both resurf surgeries, I had no complications and easy recoveries.  However, I will never forget how traumatic it was for me to find out that all that pain and stiffness I had been experiencing for years was actually osteoarthritis and I needed major hip replacement surgery.  3 years ago I was panic struck!!!.
Spencer Roberts 6/26/08, Dr. John Rogerson **VIDEO** PDF Print E-mail
spencerI am a 49 yr old male (50 on Nov 2) from Tucson, Arizona and had RBhour performed by Dr. John Rogerson in Madison, Wisconsin on June 26th,2008. I have been an active athlete since childhood. I played football in high school and college. I turned to endurance sports while serving in the military and bec ame an age group triathlete and duathlete (run/bike/run) in 1988. From 1988-2004 I competed in over 100 events and even made Team USA World Duathlon Team in 1999, 2002, and 2003. My only injuries began to surface in 2002 with hamstring and Achilles tendon issues. Little did I realize at the time but it was an arthouritic hip that was tweaking my running gait.
Peter Koenig Motocross, LBHR 9/10/07, Dr. Vijay Bose PDF Print E-mail


Many patients afflicted with osteoarthritis will eventually need their other hip done.  Peter did the same as I did and amazingly also at 5 years post op out from our first hip surgery, and chose to go back to India for his other hip on Wednesday, September 19. 2012 in India with Dr. Bose.  I will post an update on his story as soon as I get it from him. Happy travels Peter!

November 1, 2008

I underwent hip resurfacing surgery with Dr. Vijay C. Bose on September 10, 2007. Just over one year since my surgery, I am extremely satisfied with the results and have returned to an active lifestyle with no residual pain or discomfort whatsoever. Following is a brief history of my condition and how I came to require the services of Dr. Bose and his dedicated team.

Larry Sheeler 4/25/07, Dr. Michael Clarke PDF Print E-mail

larryApril 25 was my one year anniversary of hip resurfacing. I am 58 and have always been active and involved in sports. For many years I ran 2 to 3 times per week (just one to two miles). I also play baseball in some tournaments during the summer. It's not that I am an exceptional athlete or runner, it has just always been extremely important to me that I could do these things. Most importantly I love to be out with my kids and now two young grandsons, running around, playing catch or whatever. During 2006 I gradually realized I had a bad hip. I did extensive physical therapy and later had two cortisone shots. Two well respected orthopedics recommended hip replacement. As I researched replacement surgery the consensus information I got was you

can do a lot of things after hip replacement, but on every list of things not to do were running, baseball, basketball, etc.

Ken Snowden - 10/11/08, Dr. Vijay Bose **VIDEO** PDF Print E-mail


Well the surgery went very well on Oct 11. I am in the hospital. I am suppose to check out to the ideal beach resort on Friday. It is great to be without pain in the joint. Swelling is an issue and we are working on getting it down so that I can get into my clothes to go to the resort. Everything else is going well.


Ian Hamilton - LBHR C+ 0ct 3rd 2008, Dr. De Smet PDF Print E-mail
IanThe decision to have a LBHR C+ resurfacing done

LBHR C+ resurfacing done by Dr De Smet at Gent, Belgium

I had to stop jogging about four years ago due to chronic lower back pain, which got worse after running. I'd already put up with a fair amount of discomfort during the preceding years because I was a keen runner and jogging was an important part of my social life here in Belgium. But I finally had to switch to cycling to keep fit and to meet up with my running friends. At that time I wasn't aware that I had a hip problem.
Floyd Landis 9/27/06, Ronan Treacy PDF Print E-mail
floydThe Hip Of The Future

Hip resurfacing shows promise for cyclists with bum hips.

Written by Emily Furia

On September 27, Floyd Landis underwent Birmingham hip resurfacing (BHR) surgery. The procedure was approved by the FDA in May, but has been performed for more than 10 years in the United Kingdom. David Chao, M.D., team doctor for the San Diego Chargers, and Ronan Treacy, a U.K. surgeon who co-developed the BHR technique, operated on Landis, who first injured his right hip in a 2003 training crash. Restricted blood flow to the head of his femur led to bone death and degeneration.
David Grigg **OVER 13 YEARS POST- OP!** L 3/24/1998, R 2/12/2004, Dr. Amstutz PDF Print E-mail

11 years post op
posted on April 27, 2009

This alum is saying his annual hello after celebrating my eleven year anniversary. A former runner, I had been crippled with OA for over a decade. In early 1998 there were fewer than 40 resurfacings in the U.S. and of course no surfacehippy group or knowledge base. I placed a lot of trust in Dr. Amstutz and it sure paid off. I was skydiving 7 weeks post-op (not doctor approved). I moved to the Palm Springs area 3 years ago and took up competitive tennis, often playing guys half my age and younger. I'm 61 now but my hips feel like they're 18. A couple of days ago I played 8 competitive sets in one day, 5 doubles and 3 singles.

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