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Questions to Ask the Doctor PDF Print E-mail

Questions created by Patricia Dukes and Vicky Marlow

How many full Hip resurfacings have you done (not observed or assisted with and NOT including hemi-resurfacings)?

How many hip resurfacings do you do a month?

When and where did you train and who did you train under, have you continued your training?  If so, what continuation of training have you done?

Selecting The Right Surgeon For You PDF Print E-mail

Updated March 12, 2012

The first step in finding out if Hip Resurfacing is right for you or whether or not you qualify for resurfacing, is selecting the right surgeon.

Selecting the right surgeon is crucial to getting long term positive results.  It is a personal decision but one that must be taken very seriously.  Basically, if you choose the wrong surgeon and the surgery does not go as planned, you cannot get a “do over” without risking a revision surgery to a Total Hip Replacement, which in turn means another major surgery.

The most important factor in choosing a surgeon is his/her experience and skill level. There are many questions you should ask your doctor. Also remember that if the first doctor you see tells you that you are not a candidate for resurfacing and that a Total Hip Replacement is your only option, do not take their word as the end all, be all. There are many top surgeons that can take on difficult cases that other newer doctors will not touch. I am not saying to “shop around” for a doctor by just going to any doctor, I am saying that if one tells you that you are not a candidate, do not stop there. Get your x-rays into a digital format or jpeg and email them ONLY to some of the world’s top resurfacing surgeons to find out if they believe you are a candidate. (Feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and I can do that for you since I have access to over 40 of the world's top hip resurfacing surgeons for this, depending on where you live worldwide).  And this does not mean just any doctor that claims he does resurfacing, but the surgeons I access for opinions, that have done a minimal of 500 hip resurfacings (IMO) if you want to get a true unbiased opinion. I am not saying you have to pick one of these surgeons, but once you get several different opinions, then at least you know where you stand.  The number or procedures the surgeon has done does not neccessarily equate to skill level or how great of a surgeon they are.  I know some surgeons that are at around 100 or less procedures that are exceptional and outstanding surgeons and I know of some that have done thousands that I would not send my worst enemy to.   (Did you know that most Top Hip Resurfacing surgeons have done more Total Hip Replacement's than Resurfacings, since Total Hip Replacement's have been around longer, so they are really the ones that truly have the experience to speak to you from an unbiased perspective)  I know many patients, (myself included) that were told we were not candidates for resurfacing by other orthopedic surgeons only to end up getting successful resurfacings with the right doctor.

Scientific Studies vs. Real Life Experiences PDF Print E-mail

Scientific Studies vs. Real Life Experiences: Why I Recommend The Doctors I Do
By: Vicky Marlow
LBHR Dr. Bose Dec 01 05  UPDATED March 12, 2012
Doctors have a vast array of scientific studies that they can reference to their advantage even though they may not match their own personal outcomes. When I heard Mr. Treacy speak at a conference I attended, his opening statement was a joke about how the one thing he has learned from studies is that you can really make them turn out pretty much any way you want them to. The response was a thunderous laugh from the huge audience of orthopedic surgeons.

All we have as patients, ones that are here to actually and genuinely help other patients, are the thousands of posts we read from real life people and the countless phone calls and emails received and replied to OFFLINE, again, helping and working with REAL LIFE people. Many of the veterans have taken their posts offline due to certain personalities that come on Surface Hippy (SH) that seem to get a kick out of stirring things up and causing confrontations.

Staying Close to Home Might be a Mistake PDF Print E-mail

Vicky’s response to a post that was encouraging newbies to stay close to home for surgery.

A little background: The original post was by a patient that chose a newer doctor that explained to her that he had done approximately 50 surgeries. Out of the 50 he had only 1 problem, and he thought that was pretty good odds. Re: physician choice

Glad your surgery went well. To me, I look at how far I traveled to go on some of my vacations, and all I got out of those were some photos. My hip, well, if a newer doctor doesn't place the device correctly, there is no getting a refund. It is back for another major surgery like about half a dozen patients that I have personally spoken to in the last few months have had to face. They chose to stay close to home for convenience sake, went to a newer doctor, ended up with a fracture or loose cup within a year or so and either had revisions to Total Hip Replacement
's or are scheduled for one. They all tell me, if they only had it to do again.

Again, I am glad yours went well, but the newbies reading on here should be aware of the risks involved in going to a newer doctor. This is a technically difficult procedure and there is a proven learning curve.

If you are willing to take the risk of a misplaced device and being a failure waiting to happen, well, that is a personal decision. I know of at least three people that their newer doctors told them their device placement was fine even perfect when that was far from the truth. I am not sure if they do not know enough about hip resurfacing to even recognize a misplaced device or not, but that is one scary thought. These doctors told them that the reason their resurfacings failed was anything other than the fact that they themselves made an error in the surgery. This was confirmed by some top doctors via email diagnosis. It was such a shame that some of these patients were living in pain having their doctors tell them there was nothing wrong, it was all in their head or to live with it.

So, newbies, staying close to home is a nice convenience, but when you are looking at something as major as a hip that can determine whether or not you will remain mobile and active the rest of your life, then it should be taken very seriously. If your future mobility and livelihood is worth gambling away, then go ahead, try out a newer surgeon, stay close to home, toss a coin, roll the dice...

...I don't happen to be a gambler.

LBHR Dr. Bose Dec 01 05