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Cases where Hip Resurfacing just aren't possible. PDF Print E-mail
Below are cases of patients that went in for a possibility of resurfacing realizing that their condition might have progressed to the point of being beyond resurfacing.  IMO, all patients faced with the fact that they will not know what they will wake up with, should ask their surgeons to do what Dr. Bose does, take pictures of the actual surgery so you can see for yourself that the bone was not in resurfacing form.  Below are two such cases with extremely graphic surgery photos that show the condition of the bone during surgery.
Richard Backus - Bi-Lat THR's Dr. Su 9/24/10, Waiting Too Long for Surgery PDF Print E-mail

The old saying "Wait until you can't stand the pain any longer" holds true ONLY if you are going to have a Total Hip Replacement.  It is not the case with hip resurfacing.  With hip resurfacing there is a window of opportunity and ONLY a qualified and experienced hip resurfacing surgeon can tell you for sure whether or not you can afford to wait. 

Here is a patient (with his permission) that posted on the surface hippy message board inquiring about hip resurfacing, then waited and posted again, and continued to wait and wait, until unfortunately his hip deteriorated to the point that he no longer qualifies for hip resurfacing.  I am sure Richard will be very happy with his Total Hip Replacement's if that is what he ends up getting, we will post updates to his story as it unfolds.  But for those of you thinking that you should wait, you should read this. Thank you Richard for sharing your story.

Michael Penor - THR Dr. Weeden 7/18/11 PDF Print E-mail

On Jul 30, 2011, at 8:21 AM, Michael Penor wrote:

Hi Vicky,

In the final week prior to my hip surgery I had several conversations with Dr. Su's partner (who communicated with him while he was in OR), and Dr. Steven Weeden in Fort Worth. Based on my last x-ray on Monday of last week it became apparent that I had lost a sizable chunk of bone on my left femoral head since the prior x-ray just over a month ago. In addition, as you can see in the pictures attached, I was in the process of losing another chunk of bone. Dr. Su recommended that I have Dr. Weeden perform the surgery if I preferred his Total Hip Replacement options opposed to the Smith and Nephew Oxinium on a highly cross linked poly. Dr. Su stated that Dr. Weeden is the best at mixing and matching Total Hip Replacement devises.

Connie - 43 year old female with Advanced AVN Receives Large Metal- Metal Total Hip Replacement PDF Print E-mail

Warning - Photos below are very graphic and of real surgery!

This case is a healthy 43 year old female patient with Advanced AVN, in this case a resurfacing was not possible, a large Metal on Metal Total Hip Replacement was the ideal solution for her to return to an active life and be pain free.


WARNING: Photos are extremely graphic of real LIVE surgery

September, BHR w/stem, 8/19/09 Dr. Vijay Bose PDF Print E-mail

September, BHR w/stem, 19.Aug.2009, Dr. Vijay Bose
Female, 54yo, advanced osteoarthritis w/cysts, pain and ROM issues for seven years prior to surgery

**WARNING** Very graphic surgery photos Do Not click read more if you do not want to see them.