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X-Rays Problem Cases
X-Rays Problem Cases PDF Print E-mail
Thanks to the patients that have given me permission to post these x-rays, there is no need to put their names or surgeons names on them, this is just to show what extreme cases are of different problem cases.
Example of a WRONG Cup Angle Inclination causing Metallosis PDF Print E-mail

Wrong Cup Angle Inclination in patient that caused Metallosis or high metal levels

This patient went to two different surgeons, the first the cup was placed fine, the second Left where you see the L on the x-ray, he decided to stay closer to home and went to a surgeon that had a LOT of numbers.  So this goes to show you the perfect example of why I always say numbers alone do NOT tell the entire story.  One cup, his left hip is placed at an alarming WRONG Inclination  angle according to one top surgeon and this patient will be facing revision surgery soon due to high metal levels, no pain symptoms yet.  So those patients that took a leap of faith with newer docs and say their recoveries are going fantastic early on, have NO idea if this could possibly be them in a few years like this patients.  The patient has decided to stay anonymous and I thank him so much for sharing his x-ray in hopes to help future patients.  But he had no idea until several years out.To see clearer image click on read more below this image

80 degree cup angle


2 different docs one Cup angle WAY off PDF Print E-mail

This x-ray below is of a patient that went to two different docs, you can see his right hip (your left) the cup angle was placed way off, above a 65 degree angle


Dislocation PDF Print E-mail

Although extremely rare with hip resurfacing, this x-ray below is of a patient who's hip dislocated


Case of Extreme Neck Narrowing PDF Print E-mail

Melissa Martin surgery date 10-10-07  X-rays taken 8-30-11 To see actual photos of retrieved device after revision surgery click on Read more, WARNING, Extremely graphic photos

You can compare the x-ray that shows the dramatic neck narrowing, with the first photo, below, as I placed the ball in the same position as the x-ray.

neck narrowing

Protruding stem PDF Print E-mail

This x-ray below is of a patient who's femoral component was placed and the stem actually protrudes out from the bone

protrude stem

Severe Notch in Femoral Neck PDF Print E-mail

This x-ray below is a patient that has a severe notch in the femoral neck


Wire left in and Cup angle wrong PDF Print E-mail

This x-ray below is of a patient that had a wire left in during surgery and his cup angle is placed wrong


Steep Cup Angle and too long screw PDF Print E-mail

This x-ray is of a patient that got the cup placed too deep and a screw that was way too long


Severe Heterotopic Ossification PDF Print E-mail

The X-ray below is of a patient that developed severe Heterotopicossification or HO

severe HO

Slipped Cup PDF Print E-mail

This x-ray below is of a patient who's cup slipped

slipped cup slip cup

Deep placed Cup PDF Print E-mail

This x-ray below is of a patient with an example of an extremely placed Deep Cup, notice how the cup protrudes through the pelvic bone on the right side (your left)

deep cup


Neck Narrowing PDF Print E-mail

Here is a pretty severe case of femoral neck narrowing, another excellent reason to get follow up x-rays taken at least every other year.  Here is this patients immediate post op x-ray taken in 2007


Follow up X-rays taken in 2009

martin 2009


















X-rays taken recently in 2011