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Other Athletes
Bert Eisenstaedt - BHR December 8, 2006, Dr. Klug PDF Print E-mail

First of all, my apologies for not replying sooner. My story started at the tail end of 2004 with what I thought was a pulled groin muscle from running. I was a runner for 35 years. If my groin bothered me, I would always back off a little from the amount of running I did and it would always get better...except this time it didn’t. I tried to run several times after one particular occurence and one day the pain was so great I could run no more. That started my saga with doctors...first X-Ray showed deteriorating cartilidge and arthritis. But not to worry...I had at least five years left on the remaining cartilidge, but we want to see you every six months for an X-Ray. The first six months passed...first X-Ray showed no more cartilidge left! I was told I needed a new hip...I would get a plastic one, one leg may be longer than the other, etc.
Bev Hobaugh August 2008, Dr. Su PDF Print E-mail
BevBev Hobaugh, 47 years old, Pittsburgh, Pa

At 47 years old, my doctor in Pittsburgh had nothing to say to me other than, “It’s your call, when you cannot tolerate the pain anymore, and the pain is taking you out of your life, the only thing that we can do is a total hip replacement.” Wow! I was already at least five years weathered and torn, no sleep and slowly taking me out of the gym…my oxygen. A cortisone shot gave me a bit of relief in November 2007; I had another one in May 2008, and it did nothing for me. But I kept on keeping on. As a hairdresser of 29 years, I continued in pain to dress hair. It got harder and harder to hide the pain in my face. As a Personal trainer of 2 years, I could no longer demonstrate to my clients. I kept revising my work outs to get “something done” and rest my mind.
Bob Arnot Medical News Correspondent and Dr. Danger, LBHR & RBHR April 2008, Dr. Su PDF Print E-mail

tinyBilateral Hip Resurfacing
(Member of DAST Intl. Board of Directors)

As a television medical correspondent for decades on shows like Today, Dateline and the CBS evening News and author of 12 books on consumer medicine, I have to admit it. I have never faced a more vexing decision than that choosing between a total hip replacement and hip resurfacing.

The claims and data appeared wildly contradictory and each surgeon’s take was miles apart from the others. I called great friends in orthopedics at the leading Harvard hospitals and in NY, Baltimore and Los Angeles. The word I got was emphatic.

Bob Palmer Former NFL, July 2007, Dr. Gross PDF Print E-mail
bobOctober 13, 2008 Update

My name is Bob Palmer, 45, years old, I had RHR on July 7, 2007. After over a year of limping, no running, and over 3 years of back pain, while all along believing I had a "back" injury, I am finally pain free. My diagnosis was found by accident in December of 2006, during an MRI of my lumber spine. The physician who read my MRI contacted me by telephone and told me that my MRI "wet reading" showed no signs of herniation of the spine, however I had a hip issue that he thought needed to be looked at by my orthopedic. After a follow-up and another MRI of my right hip, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of my right hip. In January of '07 I joined surface hippy after being on another hip site to learn about hip replacement. I met a woman named Vicky Marlow who spent the next month educating me on the differences of Hip replacement and Hip resurfacing. I remember Vicky explaining to me that I needed to go see a specialist and that she gave me 3 or 4 physicians that understood resurfacing and had done enough surgeries to be considered qualified at what needed to be done. I remember Vicky saying to me, "Bob, once they amputate the femoral neck you do not get it back!" "You need to go to one of the experienced physicians to see if you are a candidate for resurfacing." Vicky Marlow laid it all the line to me!
Chip Samperi Cycling, Skiing, RBHR 2/28/07, LBHR 4/30/08, Dr. Clarke PDF Print E-mail
Chip November 11, 2008

During my first surgery Dr Clarke found my bone softer than normal, and this necessitated me being touchdown weight bearing for six weeks. That is, I could only lightly touch my toe down on the right side on every step. This definitely delayed my rehab progress.
Chris Sizer - "Biggest Loser" Loses 65 Lbs post op! 11/5/07 Dr. John Evans PDF Print E-mail
Christopher Sizer – “Biggest Loser - Home” loses 65 pounds 9 months after Hip Resurfacing
Right BHR Nov 5/07
Dr John Evans

StretchSomewhere in 2006 I started noticing some pain in my right hip.  Sometimes severe but there for sure.  My job was and is an Assistant Minister of Music and there is a lot of standing on Sunday's conducting our choir, singing in the choir and on Wednesday nights teaching at choir rehearsal.  On Sunday's, I was also one of the singers in the praise team in the evening service so after service on Sunday nights, all I wanted was my recliner.
Cindy Gronbach - 5/25/01 and 6/28/01, Dr. Boyd PDF Print E-mail
2001 Hip resurfacing patient

I rarely find time to read, much less post any longer, as there is A LOT more activity on this list than when I started oh so long ago. Anyway, seven years ago yesterday, I had my first hip resurfaced. All is fabulous. I haven't decided what new thing to do to celebrate my hippy anniversaries, but last year walked a half marathon. I'm no longer working a desk job, and am on my feet for at least 8 hours a day, without any hip pain! I have nothing but positive things to say. It's nice to see so many people finding new and improved lives on this board, and I'm thrilled that I was able to be part of the beginning group.

C+ 5/25/01 and 6/28/01
Dr. Boyd, Salem OR
Doug Herich 6/05, Dr. Vijay Bose PDF Print E-mail

dougUpdate, October 4, 2008
I used to decide whether or not I would go somewhere or do something based on how far I had to walk from where I had to park. I was beyond end stage and felt like I was 60 years old. But now I feel like 40 and life seems so, so much sweeter! See you in January Vicky and nice job on the website girl, I'm very impressed with what I see.

Ian Christoph LBHR 12/09/09 Dr. Su PDF Print E-mail
IanSeptember 29th, 2009

The last few weeks have been a bit of an odyssey, so I thought I should take a moment or two to chronicle my thoughts.  Even though the odyssey has only started, it feels good to get my thoughts down while they remain fresh.

For the last several months I have been limping.  I noticed an ache in my left groin and have felt stiffer than usual.  Trouble lifting my left leg over the top tube on my bike, and tighter playing tennis. Not easy to cross my legs.  Haven’t felt like running for months. Thought it was a pulled groin muscle, and like all pulls, it would get better with time.  It didn’t stop me from climbing 17 miles up the back of Half Dome or playing 5 hours of soccer.  But the aching continued. And the limp worsened.
Jack Darr - November 14, 2007, Dr. Ure PDF Print E-mail

darrOne Year Report - Backpacking Again
Sat, Nov 15, 2008

Hello All,

I do believe that annual reports are valuable, so here is mine. During my first summer in San Franciso (1972) I fell in love with backpacking in the Sierra. Almost every summer I took at least one and often two week-long trips, always seeking new terrain. I had great ambitions for taking more-frequent trips upon retirement. But upon retirement, and for the five years before my surgery, I found backpacking too painful. I could take long day hikes and climb tall mountains by "soldiering through" the pain and/or by using Aleve. But the extra weight of a backpack was just too much for me.

Jan Taylor LBHR, 12/10/09, Dr. Andrew Yun PDF Print E-mail

JanWell, I came home from a three-day stay at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon, rain pouring all the way. I am feeling great right now (had my pain meds an hour ago) and am thrilled at my progress so far. I can now proudly add the surgery date and surgeon's name to my signature below.

Some of you had voiced apprehensions about Dr. Andrew Yun being too inexperienced in the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure since he hasn't done hundreds of BHR surgeries; but I went with my orthopedist's high recommendation, what I learned about him, and my personal impression.

Jay Gangi - LC+ 3/15/05, Dr. Beule - RBiomet 12/07, Dr. Gross PDF Print E-mail

JayFull Circle

In October of 2004, I was 41 years old, limping from left hip pain, and generally miserable due to my physical situation. A well-respected San Francisco orthopedist had already told me to quit playing basketball and taking my runs out to the Golden Gate Bridge. My hips were not properly aligned and I had developed osteoarthritis. Like a car with worn down brakes, my cartilage was shot. He offered me two choices: total hip replacement (THR) or Vioxx. Fortunately, I met Dr. Vincent Fowble at a wedding. He told me about his work with Dr. Amstutz in LA regarding resurfacing. Though at the time it did not have FDA approval – this procedure seemed promising.

John Harris RBHR 11/17/09 Dr. Raterman PDF Print E-mail
ChefAbout 4 years ago, I noticed a tightness in my right groin.  I was still playing soccer at that time, and thought I had tweaked my groin running.  About a year later, it was still bothering me, so I went to my OS, who took x-rays, and then informed me that at some point in the next 3-8 years, I would need a total hip replacement, as I had osteoarthritis going on in my right hip.  It all depended on how hard I used my hip during that time.  Having been a very active guy for all my 53 years, I was pretty shocked that someone my age could be looking at what I thought would be a huge curtailment of activities that I enjoyed very much.  I pretty much ignored the diagnosis for the next 3 years, and  continued to do what I had previously done-skiing, running, racquetball, windsurfing, coaching my son's soccer team, etc
John Kelty LBHR 05/13/09 Dr. Boettner PDF Print E-mail

I’m a 43-year old, relatively active male with 4 children ranging in age from 10 down to 2.  As to my history, I was diagnosed with a slipped epiphysis of my right hip around 1980, and had it pinned by Dr. Eduardo Salvati at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York (“HSS”).  After recovery, I thought little of the surgery and played football, basketball and baseball in high school, and basketball in college, and continued playing basketball several times a week until about 2001, at which time I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips (more so in the left but evident in both).

Kani Rowland - December 2006, Dr. De Smet PDF Print E-mail
kaniThe following is an account of my bilateral hip resurfacing adventure gathered from some emails I had sent and some of which were posted on the Surface Hippy website. I hope they will give an insight for anyone interested in traveling to Belgium for hip resurfacing with Dr. Koen De Smet.
Keith Lawler 04/08, Dr. Bose PDF Print E-mail
Keith just sent me this email and gave me permission to post it, so here it is:

From: Keith Lawler
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 6:34 AM
To: Vicky Marlow
Subject: Re: Surface Hippy
Mark Shaw - BHR 5/10/07, Dr. David Young PDF Print E-mail
ShawThe Melbourne Orthopaedic Group
May 28, 2007

Hello Vicky,

My name is Mark Shaw I have just read your diary about your hip resurfacing done in India. I am about day 18 and still on and off between one and two crutches but my hip pain has gone. Hip resurfacing had been going on in Australia for about 9 years I think and the Great Doctor who did mine has done over 1000. Took me a long time to get in and see him, but when I did it was the best day I had had in 10 years.
Paul Hamilton - AVN, 9/11/07, Dr. Scott Rubinstein **VIDEO** PDF Print E-mail
AVN and resurfacing...
In December of 2006 I developed a sudden and intense pain in my right hip. Since I was an avid runner and cyclist I assumed it was a pulled muscle or tendon. The pain was mostly in the groin - which sometimes radiated down into my thigh.

Paul 1 Year Post op Video
Paul Hamilton is the official Videographer for the Surface Hippy Info website.  His Music, Videography and creative editing work can be seen on the majority of videos on this site as well as on Paul's website. - Also to see Paul in action in a short video clip of him rehearsing with an orchestra for Holy Week, go to the bottom of this story.  Paul also recently performed at Carnegie Hall.

In January 2007 I sought treatment with a chiropractor, who eventually referred me to my current GP. After taking several xrays and MRI's my new GP informed me that it was AVN, "avascular necrosis," also referred to as "osteonecrosis" - bone death. I then had MRI's of my shoulders, and ultimately received a diagnosis of AVN in both hips and both shoulders.

Peter Bedford Bilateral BHR's Dr. Bose June July 2011 PDF Print E-mail

October 21, 2011

It came to my attention back in 1999. I used to play a lot of tennis and run about 30 miles a week back then.  From time to time, the pain in my right hip was starting to get sharp and hot. An orthodepic specialist examined my x-rays and told me that I had the beginnings of osteo arthritis in my right  hip.

I asked him what my options were for relief and he told me that I would eventually need a THR. After he described what a THR was to me, I asked him "who volunteers to have this done to them?" He said that I would be back when the pain became intolerable.  He estimated that I was about 3 to 5 years away from calling him.


Phil Mescher, - Legg-Calve Perthes, Resurfaced 06/11/08 Dr. Thomas Gross PDF Print E-mail
PhilI am a 43 year old male who had hip resurfacing surgery on June 11, 2008 (at age 42) with Dr. Thomas Gross and Lee Webb, RN in Columbia, South Carolina. Up front I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

For most of my life I have been very active in sports and other activities; that is until my right hip became so painful I had to stop pretty much everything. I have been a runner completing a half-marathon and several 10K runs, involved in martial arts, basketball, softball, avid weight lifter, cyclist and anything to do with chasing my three little girls around. 
Sam Pond - 10/28/08, Dr. Vail PDF Print E-mail
samMy First Week

Hello Fellow Surfers,

This whole things has been such a mystery –  the whole idea of my volunteering to walk into a hospital for surgery! – for me that I thought I’d share my experiences with those who had equal trepidations. For the rest of you, well you’ve been through it all now, haven’t you?

In short, I’m 52 years old, really active, always played soccer twice a week, skied all my life, packed and climbed the High Sierra and fly-fished the great Western rivers. That is until about two years ago when it all got tougher and tougher. After several opinions, I felt like I met the right doc (Vail of San Francisco) and it all fell into place. An October procedure, recuperate during the winter then start fishing and climbing in the spring. It had to start someplace. Here’s my first week.
Terry Stormes- Bilateral 11/24/14, Dr. Su PDF Print E-mail
Here was my first big hike post surgery. 8 miles at Mount Tamalpais.Terry

In early 2014 I couldn’t walk without limping, everything I did was a chore. I went from being someone who ran 10 miles on Saturdays for fun, and hiked several times a month, to being dropped off out front of the store, because I couldn’t walk through the parking lot. I had to give up everything physical that I loved like hiking, yoga, running and walking on the beach. When I went to Disneyland with my family that summer I was in a wheelchair, because I simply couldn’t walk all day without terrible pain and limping.

Thomas Marchese 9/16/10 LBHR, Dr. Edwin Su PDF Print E-mail

tomMy name is Thomas Marchese a 42 year old Physical Therapist from Brightwaters New York.  I was very active, participating in adult ice hockey, skiing, surfing and, mountain biking, prior to that all familiar “groin” pain that never seemed to be alleviated with stretching or R.I.C.E .  In 2006 while skating at my local pond I got my skate caught in a rut when trying to stop quickly, felt a pop and had two really painful nights. I recall looking back thinking this is when my left labrum was significantly torn.  After seeing an orthopedist specializing in hip arthroscopy I was informed that I had femroacetabular impingements of both hips with the left labral tear in need of repair.

Vince DePalma Bilateral 8/22/08, Dr. Edwin Su **VIDEO** PDF Print E-mail
vinceShopping for New Hips

Years ago when I set out to buy a new car I searched near and far for the best car available. I looked at the various technologies, manufacturers, fit and trim, and maintenance records. In the end I think I ended up with one of the finest cars available. To this day it continues to bring me satisfaction and joy.

“When you are ready to get new hips, we’ll send you to Dr. Barrett at Valley Medical,” said my sports medicine doctor as he was writing a renewal prescription for Celebrex. “Okay,” I replied, wondering to myself just who was this orthopedic surgeon that was so highly regarded. As I soon discovered, he was one of the area’s prominent Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgeons.