Dr. Bose saved my life with a left side BHR he performed back in June of 2005, I had sciatic pain 24/7 SO severe I was planning to commit suicide. I was 47 at the time and after numerous visits to orthopedic specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area and all those doctors told me I should take meds for the next 13 years until I am OLD enough for a THR (Total Hip Replacement)! None of these specialists I paid to advise me even KNEW what a BHR was but a 60 Minutes segment on a fateful Sunday afternoon revealed the solution and it was an ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS! I did not commit suicide, instead I flew on a big jet plane to Chennai, India and had the surgery that took away that chronic horrible pain and for that, I owe Dr. Bose my praise and hope to spre3ad the word about this amazing procedure! Back in 2005 after having this life saving surgery, Dr. Bose mentioned that my right hip is also starting to deteriorate and that I will probably be back in about 5-6 years to have the same procedure on that side too. Well, I waited until the pain on the right side became uncomfortable (but nothing like my left side was back in 05) and in January of 2019 I made the journey to Chennai again and Dr. Bose fixed my right side albeit in a better hospital called SIMS where I was waited on by beautiful nurses and taken care of by Mr. Mohan, the gentleman that helped coordinate everything in a masterful way making it a fabulous experience both times. Yes, he is still Dr. Bose's right hand man and if you have this procedure, you will be treated like the most important patient Dr. Bose has. It was an amazing experience both times and I cannot say enough about the professionalism exhibited by all the staff at SIMS hospital in Vadapalani, Chennai which is located next to the very confortable metrorail system making it very convenient for follow up visits. The first time I stayed only 2 weeks, the second time I spent 2 months because I am retired now and had no reason to return so quickly. I stayed at a 4 star resort overlooking the Sea of Bengal called the Somerset Greenways (Madras). I highly recommend it for your stay especially for longer terms like I did. The first time in 2005 the surgery was at Apollo Hospital which was very good, but SIMS was remarkable and I think that anyone having this procedure will be treated very well, like family! Thank you Dr. Bose, Mohan and everyone of the staff that took such good care of me, I love you all! There is nothing more valuable than a masterful surgean like Dr. Vijay Bose, truly an amazing man indeed! Douglas, March 2022.

-Douglas J