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August 5, 2010A note from Vicky Marlow, owner and operator of this site:

I want to thank all of you who have visited my site for information on alternatives to total hip replacement surgery. After months of careful deliberation, I have decided to begin accepting advertising on this site. This will allow me to continue promoting Hip Resurfacing as an alternative to Hip Replacement and to actively get the word out about the latest in surgical techniques and information. I am also considering creating a non-profit organization devoted to helping people of all ages who may be considering hip surgery. If any of you are experienced in setting up a non-profit organization, I would greatly welcome your advice and guidance on how best to structure the company.  All funds received from Advertising or donations will go towards furthering the educaton of the patient community on Hip Resurfacing.

I also want to assure all of you that regardless of any advertising that I accept to help defray the costs of maintaining and operating this site and educating the patient community, I will continue to offer you the best available information from leading experts, surgeons, and patients who have been through hip surgery and its aftermath in my clear and unbiased fashion. You will hear about the latest techniques and get information about the various devices that are available. You will also have the opportunity to tell about your experiences, good and bad, as well as your experiences in dealing with your insurance companies.

Ultimately, I need your support to make this all work. I actively attend medical conferences around the world, consult with surgeons to get information on the latest techniques, assist those in need by providing advice on how to find out if they qualify for hip resurfacing, deal with those insurance companies that refuse to cover the procedure, and work hard to identify those in a position of influence who can make sure that these alternatives are talked about by ALL orthopedic surgeons and covered by ALL insurance companies. In short, my passionate advocacy has turned into a full time crusade to get the word out. If you’d like to donate time, money or both to help me help others like you, I would greatly welcome the assistance.

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Pay it Forward and Help Spread the Word on Hip Resurfacing!

Car magnets (see below), small and large to place on the side or back of your vehicle, plus t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, mousepad, BBQ apron, tote bag, all to get the word out about Hiip Resurfacing.  Some items will be available by ordering directly from this website link .  More selections and colors are on the site.

Coffee mug is front and back images


sweatshirt Apron coffee


I wanted to create some artwork that would attract attention and make people read what is on it and ask questions.  We need to help spread the word on Hip Resurfacing.  The link to the store is on the right side of the website as well, the other items available now are car magnets, see below. Pick from two images.

Several Designs to choose from here are just a few


Design on back of some items


Car Door Magnets in four designs and two sizes 


Please contact me if you are interested in ordering these car magnets, here is the information since they are not set up to allow you to order directly, I will have to place the orders for you, and send them to you.


Small Magnet 

(11.25" x 8.5")

Large Magnet 

(17.3" x 11.25")

magnet  sample

Pricing does not include shipping costs.  Also available in post card size magnets 5.5" x 4.3" size for your  refrigerators for only $2.50 each, need to contact me again to order any of the magnets.  I will keep some in stock.

Pricing subject to change without notice, it all depends on what they are charging at the time you place your order.  The magnets come from overseas, so give it a couple of weeks to arrive, I can order and ship directly to you.  I have samples that I bought and IMO they are great quality.  I have three on my car, a small one on each side and one large one on my trunk. The large would not fit on the side of my car.  Please measure the space on your car before ordering, sizes of magnets are listed above.  No returns and no refunds since I will have to place the orders and pay myself from the website.  Payment from you is accepted through paypal.

Any suggestions or changes to the artwork will be considered and are welcome, I sent out an email to a large group and got a lot of feedback so these designs have changed a lot from the originals.  Thanks so much for the suggestions.  If you want me to make one special design alteration, please email me and I can do that and place the order for you or change the graphic on the printfection site and send you a link to it.