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Under the Knife: Abroad

If you are thinking about going abroad for your surgery here are some helpful tips to prepare you for traveling to India:

The following is the info that we send routinely for patients preparing for surgery.

You will need to come to Chennai 3 days prior to the scheduled date of surgery if arriving at night time or two days prior if you arrive in the morning. This is to enable you to have adequate rest before the surgery. You will be picked up at the airport and there will be someone waiting with a placard carrying your name. Please send your flight details when it is confirmed to enable things to be organized from this end.

Depending on your time of arrival , you will be taken either directly to the hospital or to a hotel for a brief stay before admitting to the hospital.

You will need to let us know your flight details so that things can be arranged from this end.

Please stop taking aspirin or other blood thinners a week before the scheduled date of surgery. If you are taking aspirin for stents in the heart etc. you must consult with your physician and change to low molecular weight heparin injections.

Painkillers (NSAIDs) weaken bone and they are best avoided before surgery. An occasional one would be acceptable.Tylenol( paracetamol) is the recommended substitute.

Smoking (if you are a smoker ) should be discontinued immediately.

Hormonal treatment (for women) must be stopped for a month prior to surgery.

All other medicines e.g. for diabetes, blood pressure and medical ailments must be continued till hospital admission.

Hidden infection in the body could be at 3 places i.e. the mouth cavity, urinary system and skin. It is important to sort this out well before surgery if there is any suspicion of these 3 potential sites harboring infection.

Exercise is good before surgery especially from a respiratory point of view. Hip abductor / extensor exercises along with knee quadriceps are good as preparation for the surgery. However overdoing it beyond pain limits may induce inflammatory changes in the hip which may be counterproductive.

After the hospital stay , you will need to be in one of the resorts for which our international patient coordinator will help in the reservation. You will have to stay for a minimum 11 days post-op (hospital + resort) .. Therefore the flight to flight interval must be two weeks approx.

If you have not acquired a visa to travel to India, please do so at your earliest convenience .Kindly take note that a Visa is mandatory to travel to India and one must possess a passport with at least 6 months validity. One may need a letter of invitation from the hospital to secure a medical visa. This will be provided by Mr. Mohan on request.

Please apply for a medical visa only.

List of Indian embassy's worldwide where one can apply for a visa to travel to India can be found in the following link This is the link for the U.S embassy

  1. Wheelchair assistance throughout the journey at connecting ports during the return flight. ( This way the baggage is handled by the airline staff and one can avoid all the queues)
  2. Aisle/Bulkhead seat is preferred for Health travelers
  3. Seating arrangements (E.g. If the patient has surgery on right hip the seating arrangement must be made to enable the right limb to be stretched out).

Please do not use the following airlines as they have a poor record in dealing with patients

  1. QATAR Airways
  2. GULF Airways
  3. Oman Airways

Recommended flights are listed below.

These flights have one stop over and are friendly to passengers whenever a request is made during check- in at the airport.

  1. Lufthansa - Stopover in Germany
  2. Delta Airlines-Stopover in Paris
  3. Singapore Airlines--Stopover in Singapore
  4. British Airways-Stopover in London
  5. Jet Airways - stopover in Brussels

Please let us know a convenient week for travel to Chennai so that Dr.Bose will be able to schedule a tentative date for surgery.

For further clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us.

with regards,

India Checklist

Temple Tour  - Mahabalpuram

  • CALL Bank UP CREDIT/DEBIT AMOUNT & ADVISE will be in India
  • DVD Movies
  • Check Walkabout Travel Gear
  • Power Adaptor Grounded for India
  • Wet Wipes, Purell
  • Airbourne


Preparing for Overseas Travel

If you are the type that does not want to face all the many details involved in traveling abroad but have your surgery booked with a surgeon overseas like Dr. De Smet or Dr. Bose, then here are some tips for you. First if you really want everything left up to someone else that can handle all the details for you, try a Medical Tourism company. There are many to be careful with, not all are upfront and honest.