• Sheryl's Story

    Vicky is absolutely right. I am actually one of the people that she is referring to - I not only had revision surgery (my hip dislocated immediately following surgery), I'm now facing another surgery to revise the revision (and that probably means THR).

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  • Jared, 23 year old with AVN

    I truly appreciate your taking the time to read this email. I got your name from Vicky, one of your patients. She is a big advocate of hip resurfacing who is well known for her contributions to surface hippy and other procedures. I have been in touch with her the last few weeks and she put me in contact with you. Both she and I agree that your opinion regarding my case will be the deciding factor for which surgery I choose.

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  • Racquetball Bob

    How do you keep track of everyone??? You are truly amazing!! My conversion from a BHR to a THR took place on 7/26/2008. The recovery from the THR went a lot smoother than the BHR primarily due to maintaining the acetabular cup. Needless to say, the conversion caused me some consternation as I could not determine what would have caused the femur fracture to begin with and did not know who should do the surgery.

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  • Cliff - Infection

    I am a 51 year old Canadian male who had a LBHR in Oct 2006 and a RBHR in Sept 08. I live in the province of Nova Scotia but because they do not offer resurfacing here I managed to get sponsored for both my BHR's in NewBrunswick, about 3 hours from where I live. I would like to post my current situation because it may be helpful for anyone that might encounter a post operative infection down the road. My RBHR surgery went very well and I was able to get out of bed within an hour of having surgery.

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  • Gary Failed, Dr. Bala

    On Sept. 2007, I traveled to Coimbatore, India to have bilateral hip resurfacing, the surgeon was Dr. Bala. After returning home I started having night sweats.

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