• Rob Kanzer Infection Dr. Snyder 04/10/08

    My fellow loved ones seeking pain relief and freedom in moving your hips. Dr. Daniel Snyder (Newton Wellesley low number of hundreds of total hip replacements and resurfacings told me there was a 1 in 200 chance (0.5%) that I would get some kind of infection. He never mentioned a really BAD kind of infection MRSA - MRSA (pronounced "mersa" - stands for - check my spelling if you like - methycillin resistant staphaloccucus aureus)

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  • Wendy - Misplaced Component and Notch

    About five years ago I was diagnosed with femeroacetabular impingement.. I was 39 and very active, enjoying working as a nurse and playing sport and going on long walks. I had two arthroscopies to try to prevent deterioration in the joint about one year apart but these failed to stop the progression of arthritis and I finally had my hip resurfaced on the 1st Dec 2008.

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  • Laura - Misplaced Cup, Revision

    I had hip resurfacing surgery on July 23, 2007 at Oakland Kaiser. The reason for the surgery was chronic arthritic pain that was starting to affect my knee and back as well. Also I wanted to stop taking ibuprofen each day.

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  • Carl and Pam

    This patient is experiencing a lot of pain and he is over 10 months post op. Still no conclusion as to why he is having pain. (April 2009 Update below and cause of pain found)

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  • KB, Femoral Neck Fracture After BHR Revised To THR

    I had my right hip resurfaced at the age of 51 in October of 2006, not long after the FDA had approved the procedure here in the U.S. I was eager to get some pain relief from my osteoarthritis and was thrilled to find out I was a candidate for resurfacing. I was a good patient and followed the post-op protocol, went to P.T. and faithfully did all my exercises

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