Martial Arts

Jeff Gaynor 08/01/01 Derek McMinn

Well here we are again. It is time for my yearly anniversary post. I got surfed Aug. 1, 2001 in Birmingham England by Derek McMinn.

I am a very active martial artist (jujutsu) and enjoy conditioning as a hobby. You can read about essentially the first year of it all at

I still tango (though not as much as I'd like since it is hard to find a dedicated partner). I train and have zero issues with the hip. Simple as that.


Lee Tsouli 09/09/09 LC+ Dr. De Smet

I had my C+ device surgery done on 9-9-2009 by Dr De Smet. Reason for me started with restriction of movement, no being able to tie my shoelaces not being able to swim, not being able to stand up from the couch in the evenings and to quickly walk to the fridge, without being very stiff in the lower back. Just a couple of months before the surgery I could not sleep without a pillow between my legs. At one point my youngest kid (3yrs back then) pushed my knee inwards while I was watching television and it was as if someone pushed a knife in my groin area. PAINFULL!!!


James Daly 06/01/10 BHR Dr. Su DAST candidate

I began training in Karate in New York City when I was 10 years old in 1961.  I was very blessed because someone took me off the streets of the South Bronx and placed me in their karate school to train free of charge.  Karate training at that time was extremely strenuous and the discipline was rigorous.  I trained 7 days per week at a minimum of 2 hours per day.  The only days off were Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.  The idiom that reverberated off the dojo (karate school) walls was, “No Pain, No Gain!”  I trained very hard and became extremely proficient. 


Linda Pugliese – Martial Arts, 2/16/06 & 8/15/06, Dr. Vijay Bose

I started taking karate in 1976 under George Annarino of Newark Ohio. The style I train is a mixture of Japanese and Okinawan styles. I hold a 6th degree Black Belt under the Ko-Sutemi Seiei Kan Dojo, and have won 5 NBL World Championships between 1993-1997 while competing on a National Team called "Full Contact". I also won a gold medal competing on the USA team in Mexico City at the "Mexican Olympic Festival" in 1993. My last competition before my surgery was in 2002, but the pain was too intolerable for me to compete any more. Now I currently teach Karate and Cardio Kickboxing at the Barstow Community College, and the Community Center. Since the surgery I am able to do all that I did before the osteoarthritis and am elated to have my life back.


Jim Roxburgh – Martial Artist, Bilateral 11/22/04, Dr. Schmalzried

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I am a strong believer in this procedure. I was told by two orthopedic surgeons that my athletic career was finished. When I found the solution, I was thrilled and am

happy to share my story.

Jim Roxburgh
Wilton, CA 95693


Des Tuck – Martial Artist, Bilateral 10/01 & 5/03, Mr. Ronan Treacy

It is no exaggeration to say that hip resurfacing has had such a profound effect on my life that for all intents and purposes it turned the clock back on my aging process. It has not only enabled me to arrest my physical degeneration resulting from osteoarthritis, but I have actually been able to improve my athletic performance.
I underwent bilateral hip resurfacing in 2001 (left) and 2003 (right) with Mr. Ronan Treacy in Birmingham, who installed two BHR devices. I’m told the first surgery took just over 30 minutes, start to finish. The second took a bit longer - 45 minutes - because Mr. Treacy was teaching.   


Scott Kopperud - Martial Artist, BHR July 13, 2006, Dr. Bose **VIDEO**

In less that two years following his BHR, Grand Master Kopperud was awarded his 9th Degree Black-Belt on May 3, 2008

After training in TaeKwon-Do for only two years, Scott Kopperud gave up hockey to pursue the dream of achieving his Black-Belt, which he did two years later. Since that time, many years ago, he has gone on to become a Canadian National TaeKwon-Do Champion three times in both Forms and Free-Fighting, and twice in Board-Breaking. Kopperud is certified in both the "world" and "international" styles of TaeKwon-Do as a Master Instructor.