Joan Gunness – Yoga Instructor, Dr. Bose

This details her progress after the right BHR (second hip surgery) done in April 2007.

From: Ms Joan Gunnes

Ok, I thought you'd enjoy this...I started teaching my yoga class 13 days post op! Yes, I stood with my cane for most of it, but I could do side bends, some forward and backward bending and I did in fact teach the class! And I've been at it ever since - taught my first children's class last week - that would be about 20 days post-op and unbelievably, by last Wednesday or so (again about 24 days post-op), I sat x-legged! Now mind you, I was sitting up about 5 inches on blankets and had blocks for support under my knees, but it was a definate x-legged sitting posture.