Horseback Riding

Julie Arkison FAI Arthroscopy 12/14/10 Dr. Larson in MN

Article 1:
Spending large sums of money on  a dressage schoolmaster  is the dream of many dressage riders.  Being able to sit in the saddle to enjoy a schoolmaster is a small but important detail  to that dream. After spending over 40 years  of my life riding, teaching and training, in August of 2007 I found myself  unable to put my right leg over the cantle to mount or dismount without extreme pain.  At one point,  when my right seat bone contacted the seat of my saddle, the pain almost caused me to pass out.  Four years after that awful day, 19 doctors and  health practictioners  and 2 hip surgeries later, I have spent upwards of  the $25,000 on my hip that I had saved for my schoolmaster and am finally able to sit in the saddle  again.


Patricia Dukes - Horseback Rider, Resurfacing 6/19/06, Dr. Gross

I began having some groin pain in the summer of 2004. An avid gardener and horseback rider, aches or pains weren’t uncommon and I didn’t pay too much attention to it. In the fall, I went on a two week trip and thought it would be a good rest for whatever muscle was bothering me.

On the way home on the plane, it seemed that the groin pain/burning was actually worse. It bothered me more and more over the fall and into the holidays. In January I made an appointment with my PCP to discuss why the pulled groin muscle wasn’t getting better.