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Max Wenzel 12/21/09 Dr. Amstutz

My story is pretty typical, active, bad hip at a young age, at 33 while doing a lot of running developed pain.  At doctors advice put it off for almost 15 years, thus deteriorating hip more.  Once I could no longer put up with pain started doing research and found Dr. Amstutz.

Next thurs surgery for my left hip w Dr. Amstutz, hopefully itll be a resurf, My femoral head looks "cysty" after 10 years of wait.  I put off as long as possible cause traditional Ortho surgeon thinking was I was too young for THR, I'm now 46.


Walt Goldsmith (DAST) 10/18/08 Dr. Bose

At age 44 I became an unemployed, uninsured, disabled American. I was totally caught off guard, I've had pain before, but not this bad. I used to be sore after a workout, but not this sore. It hurt to stand for too long. It ached when I sat too long. The pain began to wake me at night and limit my sleep. The exercises and stretches I was doing weren’t helping anymore and caused pain rather than easing it. I was running out of things to try on my own that would soothe my aching hips, legs and back.