Colin Gittins Soccer Bilateral BHRs Derek McMinn 4/13/2006

October 25, 2011

Colin Gittins is the manager of a software department, and a regular football player following his bilateral Birmingham Hip Resurfacings. As a central defender, he regularly takes goal kicks and free kicks when required.


Jo DiTommaso Racquetball April 18, 2008 Dr. Greidanus

All my life I have been an athlete of sorts. I swam and dove on swim teams throughout childhood to university, played basketball until my shoes wore out and then discovered racquetball in my early 20’s. Although I was a late sitter and walker in childhood (may well have been an undiagnosed, borderline hip dysplasia leading to my eventual osteoarthritis), I quickly made up for lost time by competing in any sport I could get my hands on. In my early 20’s, I sustained a difficult and painful head-on car collision that made me quit all athletic endeavors for a number of years. After quitting racquetball only 2 years after picking up the sport due to the accident, I began playing again only to find that I had some hip discomfort.


Jeff Wiegand 9/23/06 Dr. Su

I am used to living a very active life. I like to hike and be outdoors. I play squash and tennis.  In my younger days, I played varsity squash at Harvard College and played number 3 on the team when we won the National Intercollegiate Squash Team Championship in 1976.


Richard Millman Squash, 4/07/06, Dr. Bose

Update April 23, 2009

Hii Vicky,

You and your readers may be interested to know that last weekend, April 18/19, 2009, just over 3 years after my BHR with Vijay Bose, I won the United States National Squash Championshiip at the 5.5 level. Additionally, in two weeks time, I am going to Scotland because, after a terrific competitive year, I have been selected to play for my country of birth - England, for the first time in my life and: at any level, at the 45+ level.


Alan Ray Handball 12/15/04 Dr. Koen De Smet

Yo, Hippy Kids...

Today marks three years of remarkable, painfree, unrestricted life after a resurfacing on 15Dec04. In my case, for you who are new here, I was crippled after a handball mishap in May of 1996. I had to stand, leaning on crutches, to check into the hospital, because it finally hurt too much to sit down again. We had a fine band of friends in Gent...Deborah Page, Gordon Jackson, Jean from BC, Jay Brand. At last reports, all were living completely unrestricted lives. To mark the anniversary, I have, in the past reprised my first post-op posting from Gent. I do it one more time. This the post: from Dec. 18, 2004.

(Still Walkin' in Straight Lines)


Alan Sitkoff Handball 12/9/08 - Dr. Smith

My name is Alan Sitkoff and I have been an avid runner and handball player for 40 years. I just turned 56. I have had all the normal injuries, pulled muscles, sprains, etc., that all of us have experienced and they've always gone away with a short rest and ice.

Only 8 weeks ago, I experienced an acute pain emanating from my left hip. After about a week, the pain was no less and I visited my regular doctor who immediately sent me over to an orthopaedic surgeon at Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic in Atlanta. He took an xray and instantly proclaimed that I had a worn out left hip. Not knowing anything, I just asked if he could give me some cortizone or whatever to alleviate the pain. He said "you don't understand, your hip has to be replaced".