Alan Sitkoff Handball 12/9/08 - Dr. Smith

My name is Alan Sitkoff and I have been an avid runner and handball player for 40 years. I just turned 56. I have had all the normal injuries, pulled muscles, sprains, etc., that all of us have experienced and they've always gone away with a short rest and ice.

Only 8 weeks ago, I experienced an acute pain emanating from my left hip. After about a week, the pain was no less and I visited my regular doctor who immediately sent me over to an orthopaedic surgeon at Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic in Atlanta. He took an xray and instantly proclaimed that I had a worn out left hip. Not knowing anything, I just asked if he could give me some cortizone or whatever to alleviate the pain. He said "you don't understand, your hip has to be replaced".

SitkoffI asked if I did the procedure when I could resume handball. He responded,-- never. I was instantly despondent. I couldn't imagine an active life with no more than an illiptical machine and walking. Before I literally fell apart, he said there was a surgeon in his group, Dr. Steve Smith, who was doing a reletively new procedure in the U. S. called hip resurfacing. He suggested a consultation with him to see if I was a candidate, and also exploring a website called surface hippy that others who had had this surgery could share experiences.

I immediately investigated the site, and 4 people in particular, Vicky Marlow, Alan Ray, Carl Fehlandt, and Alan Sherrill, shared both verbally and online their particular stories. I was very inspired.

Ultimately, Dr. Smith, who I found out has done hundreds of these resurfacings in the last 3 years, was able to work me quickly in. In just a few short weeks my condition had deteriorated so that I could barely walk, almost crawling with a cain. In fact when I went for the pre op, Dec 5, Dr. Smiths' nurse said that there was terrific compression on the joint.

I had the surgery Tuesday, December 9th at 1:30 P.M. at Piedment Hospital in Atlanta. I was totally black, (not just black and blue), from the top of my leg till the knee, but the pain that was emanating from my groin is gone. I haven't needed pills and walked over a mile and a half yesterday. I am feeling better by the minute.

I know that people who have had hip replacement give the same outlook and euphoric stories, but what is most exciting is knowing that I will have a much larger range of motion that taking that course. It is amazing to get your life back.

There is a coworker in my office, an ex-marine, only 40, who is going in for the identical surgery Dec. 30, on his right hip with the same doctor. His goal is to run with his new child and get back to playing softball which he will do.

Anyway, I can't thank everyone who graciously shared their time enough and if anyone needs any testimony I am happy to share.

Alan Sitkoff