VM's Live Surgery Video

Surgery on December 6, 2010

Below is a video of an actual LIVE SURGERY, it is during the actual surgery so if you do not want to see anything as graphic as watching a live surgery, I suggest that you do not click on it. Dr. Bose demonstrates his neck capsule or soft tissue preservation technique on a patient that is a hyperobile female, who has mild dysplasia and a bone cyst.  Dr. Bose points out the mild dysplasia as well as the bone cyst and makes a comment that the quality of bone is very good even though the paitient has very small bones, the component size is a 42/48.  This is of patient advocate Vicky Marlow during her surgery on her right hip which was performed on December 6, 2010 and by the way, I am also very allergic to fake metal earrings, just FYI.

And here is Vicky at just over 3 months post op, taken March 17, 2011

ROM 3 months

You can see that I pretty much have my full range of motion back already. This took me about 11 months post op with my first surgery on my left hip, over 5 years ago and I have been able to sit like this since 3 months post op and hug my knees to my chest with my right hip.

It is just amazing to me how different each recovery has been. It just goes to show you, that each hip is unique and each patient will have a different recovery. Please do not compare your recovery to mine, or anyone else's, your recovery will be unique to you and your hip.  Just look at how long it took me for my first hip and realize that no matter how long it takes you, it is all normal, and what really matters is the long term, where you get after you are fully healed at one year post op.

Of course, some people never have that type of ROM (Range of Motion) but I have always been very flexible, so when I sit like this, my knees just naturally fall down to the side and touch the ground, where many have to hold their knees and push on them.  Prior to my recent surgery, I got to the point that even sitting Indian style, I would have to prop my right knee up with 2 or 3 pillows to avoid the pain in my groin.  So if you have never been able to do this, please don't expect to all of a sudden be able to after hip resurfacing. :-) 

Being a Patient Advocate, it is great that my two hip recoveries were so opposite so I can speak to patients from actual experience of what a slow recovery feels like and what a pretty quick one feels like. Please feel free to contact me anytime and join the hip resurfacing Support Group , you will find me on their pretty much daily, unless I am traveling. I am happy to help you in your journey any way I can, just reach out to me and I will be there for you.