Wayne Daniels Dr. Macaulay 8/20/07

My name is Wayne Daniels and I have been a professional dancer/teacher/choreographer for more than 18 years. However, in 2004 I began to experience significant pain in my right hip and as the years passed by it became severe to the point that I began to lose flexibility in my body. So I decided to research my options and subsequently there was an article in The New York Times (see below) about Dr. Macaulay and Hip Resurfacing.

After careful thought and consultation with Dr. Macaulay I decided to undergo surgery in August, 2006. The surgery and rehabilitation were successful and I was back to work in September. As a result of the resurfacing I am currently working as a teaching artist for NYC public schools.

Ron LBHR Dr Craig Thomas 3/3/11 **VIDEO**

Here is a video of Ron dancing at only 10 days post op from Left Hip Resurfacing by Dr. Craig Thomas

My Name is Ronald J. Fisher. I am a life long Washingtonian born and raised here in our Nations Capitol. On March 3 2011 at Providence Hospital in Washington D.C. Dr Craig Thomas surgically performed a Left Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure on me and this is my story.


Susan Petrick - 7/16/08, Dr. Ure **VIDEO**

I am 52 years old and live in Mountain View, CA and in Reno, NV. I had congenital right hip dysplasia that was surgically corrected successfully when I was two years old. I was very active, enjoying distance running and racing, dressage and other riding, dancing of all sorts, gymnastics, SCUBA diving, skiing, hiking, backpacking, orienteering, kayaking, bicycling, etc. When I was in my mid-forties I began to have hip pain and was diagnosed via x-rays as having osteoarthritis but was advised to wait as long as possible for hip replacement because of my age. For six years I found my activities and range of motion progressively more limited by pain despite increasing usage of anti-inflammatories, and I limped more and more and had increasing discomfort while sleeping. When I again consulted an orthopedist I was told that I should schedule total hip replacement for the following month. When I asked about resurfacing (which I’d discovered through online research), I was told that surgeons in this country did not have enough experience with the procedure and that it had a long learning curve.


Sunshine Taylor - Dancer, 10/24/08, Dr. Ure **VIDEO**

It's truly unbelievable. Tonight I went to our regular local Friday night swing dance and was so blown away by my ability to "pick up where I left off." Before I had the surgery with Dr. Ure I was able to dance a lot better than I was able to walk. Well, tonight, having not "really" danced, other than teaching 2 "close contact" Balboa dance classes with my husband where I'm pretty much connected to him as though I'm "his shirt," I got out on the dance floor and very carefully partner (swing) danced with all my dance buddies. NO one could believe it. You'd never know that I'd just had a hip resurf three weeks ago today.


Lacy James – Dancer, 1/2008, Dr. Gross

I started dancing relatively late in life (around age 21) and trained in many different dance forms, eventually focusing on the Martha Graham technique, which I studied intensively at the Graham school in NYC. In addition to performing in my own works, I have danced professionally for a number of dance companies and independent choreographers. I also participated in many different sports during high school and college including basketball, lacrosse, track and soccer, but I had never had any major injuries until I felt the sudden onset of pain and a quite limited mobility in my right hip in January of 2003.


Karen McNulty – Dancer, 8/29/06, Dr. Amstutz

I had my two year check up with Dr. Amstutz last month and all is fine. Since the surgery, I have lost 22 pounds and grew 1 inch...I can not stand up straight! I have sent and went through the surgeries of two dancers who had their hips resurfaced with Dr. Amstutz during the last year. I will meet Eileen, from the hip resurface board, this week and give her my la fuma recliner. She is flying from Santa Fe to have Dr. Amstutz do the surgery and will be recuperating one week in LA.

I think we have all been blessed with this wonderful new procedure and we should all be very thankful and try to help as many people as we can that need this type of surgery, get it and with a good doctor.