Colin Gittins Soccer Bilateral BHRs Derek McMinn 4/13/2006

October 25, 2011

Colin Gittins is the manager of a software department, and a regular football player following his bilateral Birmingham Hip Resurfacings. As a central defender, he regularly takes goal kicks and free kicks when required.

I had an idea that I had some sort of problem when I started losing badly at squash, and playing badly as a defender at football. I had bouts of sciatica, but no constant pain. When my daughter came back from gymnastics one night, she showed me how far she could get down for the splits. I realised that I could only get my legs a little over shoulder width apart, and I felt sure that that had not always been the case. It dawned on me that this could be the reason for my decline at sport.

My GP had X-rays taken of my hips which showed that both hips had osteoarthritis and would need to be replaced. He then referred me to a local consultant who told me that a resurfacing operation could result in a return to active sports, and that eventually I would have hip pain if I didn’t get them replaced soon.

After 6 months of internet research, reading articles and postings on the hipsrus newsgroup, I decided that the ‘Birmingham Hip’ was the most tried and tested device, and that the skill of the surgeon was the most important consideration. Therefore, I considered only the surgeons with the most experience, and eventually selected Derek McMinn as the pioneer of the technology, and who is also considered a very meticulous surgeon. The fact that he was also less than 50 miles away from home and a mile away from my old University was a bonus.

I had both hips done together during the same operation, and was amazed that the nurses got me out of bed and walking with a Zimmer-frame 2 days later. Following the operation, I did everything to the letter. I did regular walks, cycling and swimming until 6 months post-op, gym work until 12 months post-op, then back to football and squash.

Now at nearly 5 years post-op, I play 5-a-side football with players who have mostly played county standard football and my 11-a-side veterans team includes an ex-professional.

I have no problems now with my hips whatsoever, and have had no further problems with sciatica either since the operation. Some of my football opponents are incredulous when I tell them that I have two metal hips.

Colin Gittins, Bilateral BHR, 13-Apr-2006, aged 47.

October 23, 2011

Hi Vicky,

If you want to link into my bilat hip video with McMinn from 2006, it has been posted onto the McMinn Centre website.

The hips are 5 years old now, and I am still playing soccer every week.

Regards, Colin Gittins

Colin Gittins is an active Software Manager from Gloucestershire. After suffering with osteoarthritis in both hips, Colin sought a hip replacement which allowed him to remain active. Following his bilateral hip resurfacings, Colin regularly plays 5-a-side and 11-a-side football, squash and circuit training.  Bilateral BHR's April 13, 2006 4/13/2006