Scott Kopperud - Martial Artist, BHR July 13, 2006, Dr. Bose **VIDEO**

In less that two years following his BHR, Grand Master Kopperud was awarded his 9th Degree Black-Belt on May 3, 2008

After training in TaeKwon-Do for only two years, Scott Kopperud gave up hockey to pursue the dream of achieving his Black-Belt, which he did two years later. Since that time, many years ago, he has gone on to become a Canadian National TaeKwon-Do Champion three times in both Forms and Free-Fighting, and twice in Board-Breaking. Kopperud is certified in both the "world" and "international" styles of TaeKwon-Do as a Master Instructor.

With over five years experience as a high school teacher in the areas of physical education, English and special needs education, Kopperud has dedicated much of his time in the past eight years to developing and refining the "Kopperud" system of TaeKwon-Do instruction.


Dropping all other professional activities in 1991, he has dedicated his time solely to TaeKwon-Do, the expansion of his 24 schools and the development of Unified TaeKwon-Do International. Kopperud travels often, giving seminars and providing quality instruction and support to TaeKwon-Do instructors world wide. Master Kopperud was examined and promoted to the rank of 7th Dan Black-Belt many years ago in the United States by a panel of 12 TaeKwon-Do and Martial Arts Masters. This examination was witnessed and endorsed by over one hundred TaeKwon-Do Black-Belts. Kopperud was the youngest North American to achieve this rank and is the first to do so in both the "international" and "world" styles.

Photo: Scott Kopperud, Resurfacing 3/13/06, Dr. Vijay Bose

On June 4, 1999 in Cologne, Germany, Scott L. Kopperud was promoted to the rank of 8th Dan Black-Belt Grand Master by an International Panel of TaeKwon-Do Experts, Grand Masters, Masters, Chief Instructors and Instructors. Grand Master Kopperud is the youngest TaeKwon-Do practitioner to achieve this rank which was awarded to him for dedication to the development and continuing evolution of TaeKwon-Do as well as his superior physical and technical expertise in the execution of the art.

After falling through the cracks of the Saskatchewan (Canada) Central Health Region’s care, and not wanting to drop to the bottom of another “out-of-province” waiting list, Grand Master Kopperud elected to travel to Chennai, India to have the BHR procedure under the scalpel of Dr. V.J. Bose.

The improvement in health was instantaneous, and the recovery among the most significant in the history of the BHR procedure. Grand Master Kopperud is back to kicking, jumping, balancing and breaking boards and bricks with both feet … both hips, the original and the BHR.

In less that two years following the BHR procedure Grand Master Kopperud, President of Unified TaeKwon-Do International ( demonstrated his skill, passion and soul before being awarded his 9th Degree Black-Belt on May 3, 2008. Distinguished Guests, International Representatives, Instructors, Black-Belts, Students and enthusiastic fans observed dramatic exhibitions while celebrating the completion of the Unified curriculum, a project nearly abandoned due to a degenerative hip. GMK happily acknowledged Dr. Bose and the Chennai Medical Team in the official program for the event. Scott Kopperud continues to recommend the BHR procedure to athletes world-wide as he lives a live free of pain and with full mobility and athleticism.