Rob Kanzer Infection Dr. Snyder 04/10/08

Update January 10, 2009
My fellow loved ones seeking pain relief and freedom in moving your hips. Dr. Daniel Snyder (Newton Wellesley low number of hundreds of total hip replacements and resurfacings told me there was a 1 in 200 chance (0.5%) that I would get some kind of infection. He never mentioned a really BAD kind of infection MRSA - MRSA (pronounced "mersa" - stands for - check my spelling if you like - methycillin resistant staphaloccucus aureus)

Yes a staph bacteria. From a lay person's point of view there are two types: HA - Hospital Acquired and CA - Community Acquired.  I got my MRSA AT Newton Wellesley Hospital. I presume this is mosst likely due to improper surgery procedures. I was NOT told ahead of time on this my first of FOUR surgeries that I COULD attempt infection prevention with 5 days pre-op daily home lay person procedures - 1.

Nose cream (sorry forgot name of it - I can find out) into nostrils. Turns out pros estimate 30% of US populations is carrying MRSA "colonized" in there noses - without any outward symtoms. Other people apparently have it all over their bodies and again, are usually asymptomatic. 2. Hibiclenz (spelling?) a liquid soap (keep AWAY from nose and head) - this is an anti bacterial soap - lather vigorously everywhere below head and ESPECIALLY around anticipated hip incision lines.

After operation #1 (Birmingham Hip resurf) I was the self-proclaimed poster boy. Up and at 'em - show me what I have to demonstrate to hospital physical therapist - testing 1,2,3 walker, crutches, stairs - ok I am out of here = approx 24 hours total in hospital. With each passing day, I assumed the mantle of Amazing Man! ... Look he's walking, just a little limp, no one can tell ... he'll be back to triathlons in no time! Bleeding from hip showed up one day when I was in bed thinking it was perspiration - surprise!

OK operation #2 Debridement - attempt surgery to go back in to hip "site" to "wash" away infection. Waited 3 nights in the hospital for report of debridement AND petrie dish growth. Hey I've got TWO infections Enterrococcus (sp?) AND MRSA -ok Let's put in a special IV line that is "snaked" in (nearly ouchless while- awake procedure) arm to heart. Twice a day at home using pump - Get that Antibitoic of Last Resort, Vancomycin INTO the system. Yes after weeks I started to feel better but alas as so often the case ... Vancomycin DID kill the MRSA and Enteroccocus AND friendly bacteria in my gut. Guess what MRSA knows how to hide. Know where it hides? Yup right ON the metal hip itself,

So ... operation # 3 take OUT the Birminham Hip. Go 8 more weeks of Vancomycin with NO hip only a "Spacer"  - No fun - leg is lame, there is pain, feelings of despondency until ....

Operation #4 after all clear of MRSA -- now a Total hip (Stryker ceramic on poly) 4 weeks out surgeon says I am way ahead of schedule. Physical Therapists also remark on my excellent conditioning, range of motion, strength and proprioception. SO - 2-4 more weeks of PT and another year of inflammation and gradual return to athletics and walking. so far so good. Wish me good fortune and write or call if I can inspire, educate, commiserate. In love and friendship,


When it all started: 

Wed May 14, 2008 2:30 Yikes! I got an INFECTION during Hip Resurf! NEED ADVICE.
Hey Hipsters,

I've been off-line for a long time.
My love and good health wishes to all of you. I have hospital strain MRSA (methycillin resistant staphoccocus areus - sp?) and Enteroccocus (sp?) === April 23 Dr. Snyder, (Newton Wellesley, MA Hospital) "went in" just 13 days after my original Resurfacing, to irrigate the infection.
I am recovering at my girlfriend's home in Billerica, MA with some short term success (No more outward symptoms and have begun clinical physical therapy). I am mobile!

NOW (after the course of drugs ending approx JUNE 23 - JULY 23 - I wish to hit a home run. I want to save the already installed metal joints by showing all the doctors that the twice daily vancomycin I.V. therapy has killed the bugs.

Please advise - should I take extra vitamins, minerals, probiotics to boost immune system, etc.?

Rob Kanzer

Mon May 19, 2008 2:59
Re: MRSA infections?
I am in the early stages of MRS infection recovery (IV vancomycin twice a day) from Hospital Strain MRSA I contracted during my elective resurf April 10 (Dr. Snyder, surgeon, Newton Wellesey - Infectious Disease Doctor, Dr. Michael Lew said my SED rate dropped from over 100 down to 34 - he's pleased - so I am also. Strong advice even though one may not be symptomatic - i.e., no fever, etc. - such as the case is with me - keep on the 6-8 week course as close to the 12-hour i.v. treatments as possible. Dr. Lew says MRSA "doubles" about every 20 minutes. As a lay person, I say demand attention at the earliest sign of infection (MRSA infection can be fatal) and be aggressive - Dr. Lew increased my dose when he saw I was tolerating the vancomycin well) and follow the instructions.

OK wish me well - Rob the newbie to Vanco Kanzer (Greater Boston)

Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:24
Yikes! My MRSA infection is getting WORSE -need HELP!
Hey Hipsters,

Would love advice from folks who have overcome Hospital Strain MRSA (bacterial infection).
Listings of available resources to help me return to vibrant good health.
My 8 weeks course of Vancomycin IV (antibiotics) is over and now my symptoms are returning - weakness/pain in groin, overall mailaise.  So, since my original Birmingham resurf operation April 10 (Snyder Newton Wellesley Hosp - Boston), I have actually gotten worse - more pain, less able to walk well, etc.
How can I vanquish my inflammation (get off of Ibprofen and return to athletics and dancing)?
With love and appreciation and the desire to help others too,
Rob Kanzer (North of Boston)

Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:12 am
Hi Hipsters (I've been off line for a while - read below if you like)

For what it's worth.
I went with Dr.Snyder April 10 (2008) who warned me of 1/2% chance of infection. And dagnabbit...I got MRSA (nasty staff infection from Newton Wellesley)  and am STILL suffering.  (two more operations one to irrigate and just Sept 4 one to REMOVE the Birmingham Hip he installed and we're still trying to shake the MRSA here in rehab.
If we shake it I can go for operation #4 for another hip - frankly I don't know whether I will go back to Snyder or not.
He told me since my MRSA infection they NOW where "space suits" when they operate.
(Silver lining = my suffering may prevent further suffering.)
Not bitter, just sharing (which helps me feel better)
Love and Good Health to All,

Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:21 am
THIS Hipster/Tennis Player's Infection is finally "gone" 4 operations later

Hey Hipsters (Hey Cliff and Tennis enthusiasts)

Rob here,
reporting in from Greater Boston and York, ME

SIGH of relief (whew), 

Even though I am not YET back on the tennis court and done with physical therapy, I'm here to tell you,

It's great to have a hip! (Total Hip Replacement December 08 ... after April 08 infected resurf = now I have a Stryker, ceramic on poly - Dr. Snyder Newton Wellesley Hospital)

Yes, I contracted MRSA (methycillin resistant staphalococcus aureus) during operation #1.

People, PLEASE - if you have any signs of fever/bleeding/hot skin/infections, etc.

RUSH to get medical intervention immediately.

I believe I read somewhere that MRSA KILLS MORE PEOPLE THAN AIDS.

In any event, I was sick for 8 months and now I am feeling well.

Do NOT tolerate being put off by medical people - insist that you must avoid possible death and/or a life time of compromised living and antibiotics.