Gary Failed, Dr. Bala

On Sept. 2007, I traveled to Coimbatore, India to have bilateral hip resurfacing, the surgeon was Dr. Bala. After returning home I started having night sweats.

Unfortunately, I learned that I had an infection. I saw an infectious disease Dr.and a Orthepedic surgeon. The Orhto. Dr. informed me after seeing my x-rays, that my right hip was installed incorrectly. He went on to say that my right hip would at some point fail. On May 3nd 2008, my right hip resurfacing failed.

Since May 3nd, I have had two surgeries to correct the failed right hip. I am also continuing I.V. anti biotic's twice a day. It has been one year since my surgery in India. I am sorry that I didn't know more about what could go wrong. I read several testimonials, all of which were postive. Looking back on my journey, it would have been helpful to have had more information before making a decision.

GaryAnother twist to my story is that I have been diagnosed with Hep. C. After my first surgery in India, I recieved a blood transfusion. The question at hand is of course, did I get the infection from the blood transfusion. At this point I don't have an complete answer.

It has been a challenge to return to a normal life. I am working very hard at keeping a positive attitude. Right now all I want is to be able to walk without a cane and pain.


Thank you for having a place where people can share their stories. When I first returned from India, I was so proud of myself for taking care of my hip surgery. Since I am uninsured I was responsible for the complete cost of the surgery. So cost was a big factor in my decision to where I would have the surgery done.

I have had two additional surgeries on my right hip since India. In the first surgery the failed resurfacing was removed and replaced with a temporary prosthesis. I was put on antibiotic's for two months until the infection was decreased. My third and last surgery was done on Sept. 2, 2008. After this surgery I was put on I.V. vancomycin. I am going into my 6th week of treatment.

My left hip which was also resurfaced in India, has been successful. My right hip is a THR (Styker-a polyethylene cup and a ceramic head). I am told by my Doctor that I will be able to return to my surfing and active lifestyle. I look forward to living without hip problems.

I appreciate your input.


Hi Vicky,

I am sending my x-rays inorder to show you the right hip .Before the right hip failed, my doctor here felt strongly that it would eventurally fail. When I asked Dr. Bala his opinion about the position of the rod in the hip, he said that it was in an acceptable position. It wasn't acceptable to me. To lose what I hoped was the solution, has been dishearten. I would never advice anyone to let Dr. Bala do their surgery. I would encourage someone to contact Dr. Bose. At least I have one hip that has been resurfaced. Hopefully it won't fail, that would be very hard to deal with.

Unfortunately I haven't had anyone who has had hip resurfacing in India or anywhere else. Are you asking me to write my story on surfacehippy web site? It looks like I would have to join Yahoo, before I can tell my story on the web site.

Thank you for the hug and your support. It feels good to know that I have someone I can talk to about situation.

Thank you Vicky,