Derek McMinn, MD from U.K. Video Interview addresses concerns about Metal - metal Hip Resurfacing

Interview on May 8, 2010 at the Advanced Topics in Hip Resurfacing Course in New York City

Internationally renowned hip and knee surgeon and designer and pioneer of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, Derek McMinn addresses concerns about Hip Resurfacing and Metal on Metal (MoM) implants

Derek McMinn has done over 6000 total hip surgeries and over 3,500 MoM Hip Resurfacings. His 10 year survivorship for the BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing) in a series of 3095 performed up until December 2009 is 97% from all patients. His first metal/metal resurfacing prototype was implanted in 1991, and the current design, the first BHR was implanted in July 1997 and has not changed in any way since then.

Interview: Vicky Marlow
Producer/Director of Photography: Jared Manders
Edit/Music: Paul Hamilton

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In Part 1, Mr. McMinn discusses the history of the BHR device and talks about the reasons for the majority of the negative outcomes. Pseudo tumors, Device designs, surgeon skill, importance of component positioning are discussed.

Derek McMinn, MD, PART 1 from Vicky Marlow - Patient Advocate on Vimeo.

In Part 2, Mr. McMinn discusses the design behind the BHR device, ideal patient selection and outcomes for Hip Resurfacing. Avascular Necrosis (AVN), Dysplasia, Age and Gender are discussed as well as Pseudo Tumors and the importance of surgical accuracy. Surprisingly unlike what we have read, Mr. McMinn discusses his outcomes and the fact that he actually has had better results in OLDER age groups. In men OVER the age of 60, at 12 1/2 years a 99% success rate, and men under the age of 60, have had a 98% success rate. Also women over the age of 60 have had better results at 97% implant survival at 12 1/2 years than younger women at a lower percent survival. Mr McMinn explains what he has discovered as the reasons why and talks about what activities some of his patients have returned to.

Derek McMinn, MD, PART 2 from Vicky Marlow - Patient Advocate on Vimeo.

In Part 3 Mr. McMinn discusses Hip Resurfacing and heavy impact sports as well as longevity of Metal Metal hip devices.


Derek McMinn, MD Part 3 from Vicky Marlow - Patient Advocate on Vimeo.