Hospital Stay, How Long?

Barring any complications, how many days in the hospital will a patient normally stay?

Mr. Derek McMinn
Patients are admitted to hospital the day before surgery.  You will be booked into hospital for a total of 7 nights, however, provided you are considered fit enough by the medical staff you may leave hospital a day or two sooner.

Dr. Gross
If they live within 4 hours of Columbia SC : 1 overnight; discharge about 5pm on the first postoperative day. All others: Discharge noon of postoperative day 2.

Dr. Macaulay
My average length of stay of MOMHR patients is exactly 2.23 days (I know because we keep the data and will eventually publish it)

Dr. Marwin
3 and at the longest 4 days. My hip resurfacing patients tend to be very motivated. They want to be out of the hospital fast. Plus, almost all patients will go home rather than to inpatient rehabilitation….even the bilateral cases.

Dr. Mont
Patients typically stay for two to three days. I perform the surgeries on Mondays and Thursdays. If a patient comes in on a Monday, they typically will go home Thursday morning. If they come in on a Thursday for surgery, they’ll go home Sunday morning. Many patients will leave a day early in the afternoon. There are some patients that can do this as an outpatient procedure or leave on post-op day one, but I don’t prefer this approach.

Dr. Rubinstein
Hospital stay is extremely variable and to a large degree depends on the patient.  Many are out in 2-4 days but there are some that need to spend more time on the rehab unit and may be in  7-10 days before going home.

Dr. Bose
Hospital stay in India ranges from 7 - 9 days, you check in the day prior to surgery.

Dr. Su
Usually they stay 2 days (that is, if surgery is Monday, they leave on Wednesday), but some patients have left the day after surgery, and others have stayed 3 days. However, it is something assessed on a daily basis and depends on whether or not it is safe for a patient to be discharged. We look for the ability to get in and out of bed independently, use crutches, and go up and down stairs.

Dr. Zelicof
My patients typically spend about three days in the hospital after which they either return home with home physical therapy and visiting nurse services or they go to an acute care rehabilitation center. However, everyone’s needs and situations at home are different, so follow-up care is greatly determined on an individual basis.