Metal Ion levels returning to normal after reivision surgery?

I asked Derek Mcminn

If a patient has a revision due to high metal ion levels, how long before the metal levels start to return to normal after a patient gets their hip resurfacing revised?  And if they don't return to normal, what should a patient do?

Here is his response

On Oct 17, 2011, at 10:44 AM, Derek McMinn wrote:

Hello Vicky,
In relation to when the metal ions become normal as you recall from page 143 of my book, Fig 13.13 and Fig 13.14, the metal ions rapidly return to normal. They are slightly raised at 1 year & normal by 2 years.
If the metal ions are markedly raised 2+ years following removal of a metal/metal device, then either   1) the metal ion measurement method is wrong, or 2) the patients kidneys are not working properly or 3) metal continues to be generated by whatever devices are currently in the patient.

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