Complications, although rare, can be a devastating experience for anyone.  To have just gone through a major surgery and recovery then be faced with another major surgery so soon, is never pleasant.  These courageous patients have shared their experiences so others who might be facing the same situation will not feel alone. Some describe their symptoms in detail.

Failures or complications are a part of any major surgery and hip resurfacing is no different, however, with hip resurfacing they are very rare.  My educated guess (now backed by a new study ) is that over 90% of the hip resurfacing failures occur due to surgeon error.  There is a proven learning curve for this procedure.  Most of these stories are from patients that went to a surgeon in the first 100 procedures.  Unfortunately there are a few doctors that no matter how many surgeries they perform, they will never be experts at it (read also my piano analogy explained in Selecting the Right Surgeon).  Please remember that surgeon selection is the single most important decision you can make in this process.  Thanks to all of the brave patients in this section for sharing their painful stories to help others.  Many are very happy now with their THR's and back to living normal lives.  I will try to add updates to the end of their stories about how they are doing now after revision surgery.

If you think you might have a serious problem or the symptoms described in these stories match your own, please feel free to contact me .   I can get you in touch with some of these other patients.  Or if you have been through this yourself and would like to share your story to help others, please contact me.  You can remain anonymous.  I will not post any stories without your consent.  You can also submit your x-rays with a brief description.