Dr. Weeden, Fort Worth, TX

1.) Hi Dr. Steven Weeden, can you please first start out by telling us how you got started with Hip Resurfacing and give us a little background on your experience as a surgeon.  Where did you train for hip resurfacing? 
In Birmingham Who trained you?  Dr. D. McMinn Did you continue your training after starting resurfacing? Yes, from 2003 to now. It really picked up around 2006-2007.

2.)   Do you do the neck capsule preservation technique in your surgeries?
Yes, always if possible.

3.)  Do you re-attach the gluteus tendon?

4.)  Which approach do you prefer to use anterolateral or posterior?

5.)  What size do your incisions normally range in inches?

6.)  What is your opinion on the Direct Anterior approach for hip resurfacing, not the antero-lateral approach where the incision is on the side but the Direct Anterior approach?
Not bad, post saves abductors too; Could have higher risk of complication.

7.)   How long do you feel it takes for the bone to be fully healed, actually grow into the prosthesis?
6-8 Months

8.)   Barring any complications, how many days in the hospital will a patient normally stay?
2-3 Days

9.)   What is your typical rehab protocol?  90 degree restriction? 4 weeks Walker” Crutches Cane? 2 weeks  amount of time? Blood thinners? 4- 6 weeks TED stockings?  weeks Ice?  3-4 weeks PT?
6 weeks

10.)   How long before a typical patient is allowed to drive a car, return to work?
2-6 weeks, as patient is able

11.)   What is the recommended time you tell your patients before they can start to run again/do impact sports? Low impact, around 6 weeks, 6 months otherwise.  Are there any sports you don’t want your patients to participate in after surgery? 
No. Out of the patients you have resurfaced what are some of the sports they have returned to? Running, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Triathlon, Skiing

12.)   What is your take on cementless (femoral) devices for resurfacing?
Maybe in the future, if proven by science

13.)   Do you have a cut off age for resurfacing patients or do you go on a case by case basis?
Rarely do surgery on women over 60 yrs old
Rarely do surgery on men over 65 yrs old

14.)   What type of anesthesia do you use general or epidural or ?
Spinal with sedation, we also inject the hip in surgery for pain relief.

15.)   Are there any cases that you will not take in particular, AVN, dysplasia, small cysts.  Maybe touch on some of the very difficult cases you have been able to resurface.
I individually evaluate every case, being extra careful with patients having AVN

16.)     Do you do bilateral surgeries same day, if not how far apart do you recommend?
 No. Usually 6 weeks to 3 months between surgeries.

17.)     What device do you prefer to use for hip resurfacing and why?
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, the ONE & ONLY (trained by McMinn)

18.)     If you can’t perform a hip resurfacing – what THR device do you prefer and why?
Mini Stem or Taper Stem with hard bearing

19.)   What do you consider an adequate number of surgeries for a doctor to be proficient at hip resurfacing?