Vicky's metal levels and reasons for excess metals

Got my final test results in for my metal levels, I am almost 3 1/2 years post op and wanted to be a test subject and have my metal ion levels tested.  Dr. Su was kind enough to assist and pay for the testing for my metal sensitivity tests so I had 11 very large tubes of blood drawn at my GP's offices and sent some tubes to RUSH in Chicago and some to a special local lab.  Dr. Su called me and emailed me with my results.  I show no allergies to any metals which was surprising to me since I am very allergic to cheap earrings.  I will have to test out the theory that maybe the implant has made me no longer sensitive to metals by wearing some fake earrings one day.  My metal levels were below normal, read below:

From Dr. Edwin Su

"Congrats, from what I can see, your levels are very low! Blood values for Chromium is at 2.1 parts per billion, and cobalt is less than 1.0
Great results.

Just goes to show you what a "perfectly" or EXTREMELY WELL placed device is like. When people are concerned about metal ion levels, please keep in mind that if your device is placed accurately, it will be very rare for the metal to ever touch, the synovial fluid will fill the joint space like a normal hip the majority of the time.

LBHR Dr. Bose Dec 01 05

I emailed the above results to my surgeon Dr. Vijay Bose and here was his response to me:

"Hi Vicky,

Congrats on your blood levels of Cobalt & Chromium.  Ion levels are a non issue in well implanted prosthesis and a serious concern in badly positioned implants.

The studies from Oxford which show psuodo tumors have been used by surgeons who are against resurfacing to 'justify' their stand.  Pat Campbell informed me that Koen De Smet stated that the only inference from the Oxford reports is that one must not get a resurfacing in Oxford. I could not agree more.

These allergic reactions (ALVAL & LYDIA) is also overstated in my opinion. There are two issues to any allergy. One is true hypersensitivity and the other is the dose of the allergen.  If one starts sneezing when someone gets a flower into the next room, then it is indicative of pollen hypersensitivity. However, if pollen is put in the nostril, it is quite natural for most or everyone to sneeze.

Therefore, as badly positioned prosthesis give a huge amount of ions, it is not surprising that more and more will show 'allergy' with  progressively increasing ion load. This can be misinterpreted and does not represent true hypersensitivity. It is true allergy only when patient shows ALVAL and the blood levels are normal. This is a perspective that has been lost in the recent commotion in these issues.

Keep up the good work Vicky. The world needs your contribution.  My thanks to Dr. Su as well.

With best regards
Vijay Bose

Update April 16, 2012

Vicky's 2nd Metal Ions test as a bilateral BHR patient

The Metal Ion levels in whole blood for Cobalt and Chromium are 1.76g/l and 2.02g/l respectively.

These levels for Cobalt and Chromium in whole blood are what we would expect to see from a well functioning Bilateral BHR’s, when compared to our Bilateral BHR metal ions patients. As you have made us aware, your BHR’s are performing well and you are happy with their outcome.