World Renowned Surgeons Video & Written Interviews discuss concerns regarding Metal Ions

Watch Videos of Six World Renowned Surgeons discussing the recent concerns about metal implants, metal ions and pseudo tumors, click here

Also read my comments as well as comments from various Top Surgeons regarding metal ions, click here

I would also like to direct you to a new and extremely important lecture on the current McMinn site – a talk he gave in Glasgow in September 2010. If you click on this link it will take you there
Plus if you would like to see the debate that Derek McMinn has had on his website regarding the ASR device it is called Northern Lights 

as well as Derek McMinn's Response to ABC's 4Corners Program in the UK here

One more video worth watching regarding metal ions and the ASR device, both hip resurfacing as well as ASR THR's click here for video interviews with Tony Nargol, Tom Joyce and David Langton