Chip Samperi - Cycling, Skiing, RBHR 2/28/07, LBHR 4/30/08, Dr. Clarke

During my first surgery Dr Clarke found my bone softer than normal, and this necessitated me being touchdown weight bearing for six weeks. That is, I could only lightly touch my toe down on the right side on every step. This definitely delayed my rehab progress.


Knowing this, Dr Clarke prceeded more slowly during my second surgery on the left hip which was performed on 4/30/08. I was discharged on May 2nd and left the hospital weight bearing as tolerated. That is, I could put as much weight as I felt comfortable with. This fact in addition to knowing what to expect made the whole rehab process much easier. I returned to work as physical therapist on Monday June 1st without any assistive device to walk. I did my own rehab focusing on restoring hip range of motion, bilateral leg strength, and balance. I feel better now than I have in several years, and feel I literally have a new lease on life. Completing all my daily, work, and recreational activities without pain is simply incredible. I rode my bike to work (12 miles each way) about two to three times each week from July through October with much improved leg power. I've been able to swim, hike, hunt (including climbing in my tree stand) and pretty much do anything I'd like without even thinking about it. I have a consult with Dr Clarke in Dec., and he said at this time we would discuss a possible return to running. I'm not sure even if he gives me the go ahead that I'll go back to running, because of the pounding on all the joints. I'm extremely pleased with my outcome, and would be happy to serve as a resource to answer any questions anyone might have.

Chip Samperi

I am a physical therapist from Lake Placid, NY. I had an insidious onset of R hip pain approximately three years ago which gradually but progressively intensified. Xrays revealed extensive (bilateral DJD), and my local orthopod was all set to give me a total hip replacement. I did an extensive amount of research, and came across the resurfacing technique. Intuitively it just made sense to preserve as much natural bone as possible, so I consulted with Dr Michael Clarke in Syracuse, NY. I had surgery on 2/28/07, and I am scheduled to have the L one done on 4/30/08. I had an excellent outcome on my R side, and experienced a significant improvement in pain and function. This past year I've been able to return to cycling (road and mountain), hiking, fishing, hunting, alpine and nordic skiing, and weight training... all with no pain. I am confident the L side will go as well.  I would be happy to answer any questions anyone might have about the surgery, rehab, etc.