Doug Herich - 6/05, Dr. Vijay Bose

I used to decide whether or not I would go somewhere or do something based on how far I had to walk from where I had to park. I was beyond end stage and felt like I was 60 years old. But now I feel like 40 and life seems so, so much sweeter! See you in January Vicky and nice job on the website girl, I'm very impressed with what I see.


Hey there Vicky,

I had BHR in Chennai with Dr. Bose back in June 2005 and am doing fantastic. Did you see the 60 minute program? I swear the second I saw that I just knew I was destined for a journey to Chennai! I was definitely in front of the wave of BHR patients going to India for help. All the docs i saw here told me they could not help me any more other than giving me different kinds of pain meds. I did take NSAIDS for 7 years though and my liver was decaying as a result. I am thankful I did not have a THR though. SCARY! I must admit Patron became one of my best friends during that period of my life because that was the only way I could sleep...but not any more thanks to Dr. Bose! Funny thing is, I had no hesitation on going and was on a plane as soon as he was ready for me. Amazing what chronic pain will do.

I am an active 50 y.o. male that 3 years ago was barely able to walk. I had such severe inflammation that my sciatic nerve was throbbing in my left leg 24 hours a day. I swim and play lots of water polo so although I was in fairly good shape and could move in the water fairly well, on land I was at best a cripple. Now I am in better shape than I was 10 years ago and living totally pain free! I love Dr. Bose!

Doug Herich

PS—Thought i would send you a few pics from my trip to Perth, Australia where I played in the FINA World Masters Championships this past April. Wish I had some action shots!