Mark Shaw - BHR 5/10/07, Dr. David Young

The Melbourne Orthopaedic Group
May 28, 2007

Hello Vicky,

My name is Mark Shaw I have just read your diary about your hip resurfacing done in India. I am about day 18 and still on and off between one and two crutches but my hip pain has gone. Hip resurfacing had been going on in Australia for about 9 years I think and the Great Doctor who did mine has done over 1000. Took me a long time to get in and see him, but when I did it was the best day I had had in 10 years.

The couple of days after surgery when I spoke with him and he told me how good a job he had done was the next best. He has also had the resurfacing done himself and is a wonderful salesman anyway I am just wondering how it is all going still are you back better than you ever were before.


Mark ShawMark ShawMark Shaw

May 29, 2007

Thanks Vicky. I like most people I suppose have limped for a long time maybe fifteen years when I retired from football (australian rules) yes im from melbourne Australia but my Doctor told me because I have limped for so long it will take a lot of hard work to get rid of it completely, because as you said its hard when there is no pain. But I am very very positive after reading so much about it and stories like yours. I didnt find the website you are on till after I had done the operation, but my Surgeon has been doing them in australia for about 9 years and he is very confident which makes it feel a lot easier, so ill be out to buy a mirror over the weekend.


July 10, 2007

Hello again Vicky,

Thought I would just drop a short line to give you an update I began work a fortnight ago not doing what I normally do because I work for myself doing quite heavy work at times, but I am doing a desk job that also requires lots of travel overseas to Asia and China but I am going to make sure I heal properly before I do any of the type of work I was doing.but I am week 9 tomorrow and the last two weeks have been a huge improvement as I have started with a physiotherapist recommended by the Surgeon he makes me work quite hard on muscle strengthening (unlike everyone else who has been handling me with gentleness )But he obviously knows what he is doing as the change is terrific I am really very positive now, and reckon ill be back doing many things I was unable to do before. It has cleared a few doubts I had in my mind on how good it will be when im fully fit again. But after reading and hearing stories like yours theres no limit by the looks of things. anyway sorry to hold you up. thanks very much for your time.


April 20, 2008

Hello Vicky,

I am not sure if you remember me? My name is Mark Shaw and I live in Melbourne Australia. I wrote to you last June I think a little time after having my Hip resurfaced. This was performed. The Melbourne Orthopaedic Group by David Young who is just the most amazing surgeon who has performed over 1,000 hip resurfacings. When I visited him I had been in chronic pain for over 5 years as I work with my hands and always on my feet this was hard, when I left his rooms the first time I skipped down the street in anticipation of the operation. Anyway I am just writing to say 9 months later all his visions for my rehab have been fantastic and the help I received from your website and your emails were terrific. At 6 months I went for 10 weeks work in China, installing Machinery some quite heavy work, and as Doctor Young had told me I would be able to work better than I had ever done for years now I am back working for myself in Australia working and exercising like I haven't been able to for over 10 years. Thanks for your help and your website I have just passed it on to a friend who is about to have a total hip replacement I hope to convert him he is a little younger than me he is 48 I am 50. I was able to play tennis and cricket with my three sons and thier three cousins on Xmas day for the first time for a long time and even more importantly I have become more involved in thier football, being able to kick an Australian rules football again without falling over. But the confidence David Young has given me and the ability to work without pain is the best thing, I didn't realise how being in pain wore me out so much.I shall attach a pic of me in china in a pool hall with one of the locals.

Kindest Regards,
Mark Shaw

Update 10/19/08

Sorry to take so long to get back to you, but I have been looking for the type of device I had inserted in my hip. I still don't have it but I shall contact the Doctors rooms tomorrow and find out.

My Surgeon's Name is as follows:
Mr. David Young
from the Melbourne Orthopaedic Group
33 The Avenue Windsor Melb, Vic, Aust 3181

Mr. David Young also gives free time travelling to Asia and all the Tsunami Victims and the like. People travelling for days to get free surgery from him.He is the most amazing guy I think I may have met just so down to earth and natural. My Operation was performed on the 9th of May 2007 doing a left side Birmingham Resurfacing. I was done very late at night I think No 4 for the afternoon, as he wasn't sure when I went in if I would have enough bone left to do a resurfacing, and that he might have to have done a full hip replacement as the top of the femur had collapsed. Anyway, when I woke up I didn't know for a day and a half which I had had but when he skipped in my room ( iI dont know who was more excited David Young or myself) and told me because I am such a big guy I had heaps of bone left and he was able to put the biggest prosthesis in. That was a great day.

Yes, so far so good my hip is standing up to Physical work and I am walking and sort of jogging 7 klms three times a week now. As I am hoping to lose some weight to take some more pressure off the hip. He told me after the 12 month check in May earlier this year that he didn't think he would ever have to look at that hip ever again as everything had healed so well but he reckons he may need to see me in 10 years time for the other side, that being my right side. He also previously told me when someone asked about my operation that to tell them I have had a hip resurfacing! And not a hip replacement because younger people suffer for too long waiting to have a full hip replacement. So for now I am back to normal well some say I have never been normal Ha. But as you will know the best relief is from the constant pain, and I think maybe your life is in denial whilst you suffer the hip pain just getting through everyday putting off doing things for so long. So for now just being able to walk and work has just turned my life around so much it is amazing.

Nice to have contact with you Vicki and keeping spreading the word.

Best Regards,
Mark Shaw
(Fellow Birmingham Hip Resurface)

P.S. I have attached a couple more Photos of a recent holiday in Thailand with my Wife and youngest of three sons.