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Sun 12/7/2008 6:22 PM

Well Its 2:50 AM as in THE MORNING WHEN NO ONE IS AWAKE, even Possibly alive!
My fellow hipster wrote me and commented how exciting this is.
Exciting my ass...
I am up at the wrong times now and cant sleep. 

Letters from Brussels.  Part 1- Manders- Live

The transit people at the airport had major TUDES. No english at the airport or trains. Nothing.

I swear I could make a killing in the sign business here. I thought this was the EU capitol?

No seats on the trains either. Some Nazi looking conductor kicked me out of the EMPTY first class car.  Hauling heavy bags through 4 train cars-with a bad hip while moving, hitting people in the face along the way looking for a seat... not fun. Because the 2cd class trains were full I had to stand all the way to Gent with my luggage on my head wobbling with the sway of the train.

Heard more horror stories about the hospital. If I dont make it out alive, save this email for the archives. Good thing Dr. De Smet is good. He's needed to save his patients from the hospital nurses.

Oh by the way,
Did I mention that I was an obsessive/compulsive eater and since there is no food in the country on Sundays, (NO FOOD ANYWHERE) I ate the entire bag of dried mangos I had brought along for the surgery! Now what Sherlock?

And, yet another thing...

I can see why the hip replacement internet community of patients talk to each other so much. THERE IS NOTHING TO DO HERE. The highlight of my trip so far is to watch the towels dry on the heated bathroom rack.
When I tried to get a sandwich here (did I mention there was no food) , it took;3 hours for the girl at the front desk (can't pronounce her name... figures, she's foreign) to finally tell me that she was "looking into it".   I told her to forget it because it would be quicker (and probably cheaper)  to ship something out from Cleveland

Also... the internet is slow here. Especially in the middle of the night when you cant sleep because its like a vacuum here. & NO SOUNDS ANYWHERE. Weird. And I thought NYC was too loud. I'd give a Euro just to hear a bird shit on the railing outside.

Think I have an attitude now? Just wait till Fraulein Himler tortures me at the hospital Tuesday!

Got to go brush my teeth now.

I'm still alive!
Question: why is there NO scar on my hip yet my right testicle appears to be missing?

So far what you just read took me literally 3 hours to write!. The morphine is some serious *@*%$%@!. I Hope they Have a doggy bag so I can take some home with me?

I'm in my regular hospital bed now after the icu.

Write more later. I just can NOT stay
Belgium Wednesday
Hey kids,
Only 1 hour ago I never thought all this was possible but I ate my first food in two full days, had two young Dutch girls scrub me down - yes everything (:  got out of bed, sat in a chair, learned to use the crutches and walked down the hallway.  Now I'm working on exercises directed by PT.  Honestly I thought my leg was welded to the bed last night.  Good to know it functions! I just might see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The Dutch girls seemed to motivate me. Cheerio for now  


Mon 12/15/08

Hi Folks, Another update from my Hip resurfacing experience here in Belgium.

6 Days POST OPERATION - Monday   DEC 15TH, 08

Jared BkeCarine

Jared Water



Tony my PT starts me on the exercise Bike in addition to the usual exercises and stretches Carine my wound specialist applies Suprasorb to my incision  allowing water activities.  This thin film made in Germany is usually changed every 2 to 3 days. Evelyne my Water Therapist  monitors me while treading water to stay afloat 

Sat 12/20/2008 10:07 AM

Eifel Tower

10 days Post Op today
Walked between 2cd tier and 3rd tier Of the Eiffel steps without crutches.
Last night hiked about 2 miles on the Champs Elysee.  So much for the concept "no pain no gain".  It's all gain here with no pain.  Feels great.
Weather good.

Set off the metal detectors on the Effel tower scanners!  My first of many and proud to be bionic!

Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:54 am

Hello Hipsters,

First official post from the "other side" wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a great New Year.

Quickie update: Two weeks post op now with Dr De Smet here in Belgium and I seem to be progressing beyond my own expectations.

In the water day 2 for hydro therapy, exercise Bike starting at day 6, mini vacation in Paris via the fast train starting day 10 walking the Champs Élysées, The Louvre, Notre Dame- in and out of taxi's and the Metro, hiked the many stairs (down) on the Eiffel Tower! whole experience blew me away. My mother & daughter visiting was special. Paris at Xmas time... WOW.

Down to one crutch most of the time now and feeling stronger every minute. Will continue to use
two crutches in crowded places like train stations to ward off other aggressive travelers and for
asking directions (: Still rehabbing in the water and on land each and every day- extremely serious about following all of my PT's instructions.

The strong nurturing environment of the Villa Cento Passi in Gent is such a positive rehab experience. Evelyne, Carine, Tony, Jacqueline, Bart, Sandra, Peter, Leentje, both Hugo's, Aneka, Stefanie and of course Dr. De Smet and others are my new family.  I just can not say enough about these caring people and how they made it possible for me to succeed. 

Other patients- Sali (Iceland), Hank, Marjolyn (Holland),Maryanne (Alberta,Canada) Teresa (LA), Melanie (Sacramento), Bill (Atlanta), Mary Joe (Pburgh but Browns fans), Kate (Colorado & beyond)- we all get amazing energy from each other. Kudos for Carine writing on a patients leg prior to her operation that "Dr. De Smet is a rock star" Taking the proper time in a separate rehab facility was key.

My travels post op while awaiting my return to the States will now continue. Pictures and Video of course to come. Traveling with my daughter Emily (on holiday) we will be off to Madrid, Barcelona after that and then on to Rome. Yes it looks all possible.

So many well intended people thought I was literally insane to travel overseas to have surgery as well as plan a traveling vacation so close to such an invasive operation. Well it works for me. I intend on continuing to listen to my body and rest when I feel the need. I will also rest when I DONT feel the need... a self imposed promise.

All the best to everyone and happy holidays!

Jared R/BHR 58 femoral/62Acetabular Dr. De Smet Dec 9, 08
Proud to be bionic

Thu 12/25/2008 2:06 AM

Checking out today for the final time, headed to Madrid.



Fast train to Paris back to Brussels.

Tue 12/30/2008 8:30 AM

Hi everyone, Today is my 3 week anniversary post op. Been on mucho trains, busses, Metro's during my travels Jared Crutcheshere in Europe.  Today I arrived  in Barcelona, Spain and finally had Paella for lunch after eating Churro's for breakfast.  I'm still forcing myself to at least carry the crutches so I can ward off the crazy travelers.  Lately I have been forgetting them at restaurants & hotel rooms too many times so I think I may finally make the transition and not carry them around anymore.  I am fully 100% weight bearing and and feel like I'm ready to jog.   
I still perform my usual self rehab routine each day including ( when I can) using the  exercise bicycle and swimming, not to mention of course the miles and miles of walking during my travels.  I will head back Stateside on Jan 11th after a stint in Italy. Happy New Years to everyone

R BHR De Smet, Dec 9, 08
Proud to be bionic

Wed 1/7/2009 12:06 AM

Hi all.  4 Weeks less one day Post Op yesterday here in Roma.   Back stateside this Sunday after an eventful medical tourism trip. Manders quicky history- Colliseum The Colisseum which was originally called the

Flavian amphitheater was Built in only 10 years time and finished in 80 AD.  Counting standing room it housed  70,000 spectators.  Many don't know that a huge awning made from wood and mesh protected the spectators from the sun and was constantly adjusted (for the suns movement) during the day by sailors. 
The wooden floor was covered by sand and swept away between each show replaced with new sand.  This would clear the blood and guts out before the next showing which went on all day.  About 30 days of use were common each year.  No admission was charged, seating was assigned based on classes. Royalty sat ring side, schmucks sat up high.  Prostitute huts were busy all around the colisseum as spectators emptied out after the days events and needed something to do  

Thu 1/8/2009 1:40 AM

4 Weeks post op and still traveling Europe Hello hipsters, 4 Weeks post op and still traveling around Europe. I will return to the States Sunday after a long and amazing journey. Medical tourism at its best.

Jared Spanish Steps I won’t pretend not to have some pain day to day.  However, the fact that I was able to Climb down into the Catacombs and up the Spanish steps- the longest and widest in Europe (138 of them) without crutches, made me tear up just a little inside.  At one point I even got down on my knees at St Perer’s Basilica… to take pictures

Less money and one of the worlds top doctors to boot.   I would have never thought this was all possible. Yes I said no crutches, which is where I am at now, but I want to make a case in favor of these handy little things for travelers.  Since rehab I have been experimenting with and without them.   I left the Villa in Belgium after my stay and  traveled on Planes, trains, busses, Ships, Metro’s, taxi’s and trams, throughout Paris, Madrid, Barcelona across the Mediterranean and now in Rome.  I have seen it all and I’m a pretty good judge of people.

I can emphasize to you that if you are using at least one crutch, in every culture, people will get up and offer their seat to you while riding on one of those jerky Metro’s.  I’ve had Kids run full speed at me while playing

soccer, only to be grabbed by their parents at the last moment so they don’t cause a collision.  I was put at the head of the line at the Louvre, given extra space while admiring Gaudi’s work and had a protective barrier around me while walking on the insane La Rambla during New Years eve.   It’s sort of like a Badge or a license, it is a protective circle that lets other people know to stay clear.  Without it, you are a bowling pin!    I am quite capable of functioning without crutches now but when the crowds get crazy it might be wise to advertise.
Now the hole in the floor the Italians call a toilet….that’s another story.

Jared R/BHR De Smet Dec 9, 08

Sat 1/10/2009 10:02 AM

Jared heading home


Proud to be bionic

Update 1/20/2009


Thought you would like to see a pic of me back at work less than 6 weeks post op as a director of photography.

Jared Work


Today working for the History Channel "Modern Marvels",  I was able to successfully  pick up and shoot handheld with a 30 pound video camera on my shoulder, sometimes moving with the action in odd positions.

The show shot today was on the Largest Federal Reserve Bank vault door in the world weighing over 147 tons.

Being able to do this at less than 6 weeks is truly amazing and I am forever grateful to the Hip resurfacing community and all the people who helped me in my decision... not to forget Dr De Smet.

Update July 24, 2009

A BHR made it possible to continue my work life and meeting the president is part of it.  It hits home for me that I made the right descision because I feel so normal.  (Jared is a professional cameraman)Jared


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