Protocol tips by Patient and Radiologist Michael Broder, M.D.

Posted on SH on November 18, 2011

  1. Use common sense.
    • The main risk of microfracturing is related to excercises, machines, and activity which cause sudden impact (various excercise machines, jogging, running, certain sports activities).
    • Excessive weight lifting. no problem with a 20 lb child after a few weeks.  You may need some help before that.
    • Sudden changes in direction which apply twisting forces.
  2. Driving short distances even at 2-3 weeks should be ok but.  Get out & stand to avoid pulmonary emboli even if you are a passenger if traveling more than 1-2 hours.
  3. There is soft tissue healing as well. Pay attention. If it hurts, don't keep "pushing through". That pain is your body's way of telling you to stop to avoid tearing healing tissue.
  4. Relax, normal activities that feel fine are ok.
  5. Post op fatigue is dependent upon many variables including the patients age, types of anaesthesia, underlying physical & medical conditions, general outlook on life.
  6. This is not a contest. If you don't run a triathalon 6 months post op, IT's OK! Most surface hippys do well post op, and go on with their normal (Recovered) lives.

Best wishes,

Michael (MD in NC) Diagnostic Radiologist
(L) C+ 3/31/2003


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