Dr. Gross Tips from his Patients

Dr. Gross Tips
by Karen Mitchell
RH Biomet uncemented / Dr. Gross (SC) 04/02/08

Here's some info on the knowledge I learned about Dr. Gross:
Dr. Gross is very advanced (for example):

  • He's done over 1500 hip resurfacings
  • He does minimal invasive surgery (small 4 inch incision)
  • He uses your blood to make a mixture to put in the femur cap and along the incision for bone growth and faster incision healing
  • He uses a bandage that is some kind of bio-bandage that you can take a shower in and don't have to change at all until 10 days post-op where you take it  off for good
  • He uses a certain cocktail of meds for nausea and pain management
  • He has them even put a patch behind your ear (for nausea) before surgery
  • He has been involved in Conserve (and presently) Biomet medical studies.
  • The Biomet parts he uses in patients (cementless) --- HE designed for better stress resistance and bone growth.
  • He is a young man as far as doctors go
  • I have been told by other yahoo posters from the board, that he finished some of his "fellowships" in his career in a way the most doctors envy
  • He REALLY knows what he's doing, and has it down to a science
  • He takes on very complex cases (you can see my xrays under the photo section of the yahoo board = karenj_m)
  • He doesn't tell you bologna
  • He's quite strict with hospital personnel when it comes to the care of his patients
  • He's NOT a pompous ass
  • He explains your situation in a way that is not over your head
  • post-surgery, he gives you a detailed written report of everything done during your surgery


  • Prepare your home - move loose wires/rugs/things you might trip on.
  • Figure out which shower (if you have 2 bathrooms) is easiest to get in and out of with help
  • Don't bring a ton of stuff to the hospital, you'll never use it
  • Clothes that you bring should be loose or oversized
  • Make sure the hospital keeps your ice machine full of cold ice all night (they will send you home with the ice machine)
  • The first 5 days at home is a little tough because you are trying to figure out how to manueve
  • FOLLOW any restrictions Dr. Gross gives you - guard your hip!
  • Use the at home tools they will give you (grabber, sock-putter=oner, shoe horn)
  • Don't live in your bed at home..get up move about...then rest in another room
  • Use LOTS of pillows, and ICE every possible minute, it keeps the bruising to a minimum
  • YOu can add extra ice by using ziplock bags (besides the ice machine hip wrap they give you)
  • Do the phase I exercises faithfully (it will be tough at first, this is normal)
  • Take your meds, and your blood thinners, etc.
  • Your leg will be a bit like a useless log - don't be afraid, this will pass in a couple of weeks
  • You may have a sensation of clunking in your new hip...this is normal and will pass in later months
  • Don't do anything stupid to "see if you can do it now"....protect your hip
  • Switch up chairs, try the kitchen one, the couch, etc...find your happy place
  • If you have pets, keep them at bay by using your crutch (I have 3 dogs)
  • Make sure you have help at home
  • You may get depressed, emotional, angry, etc... this is normal
  • try to get outside for a few minutes, and after a couple of weeks..have someone drive you to the store or mall and you can zip around in one of those cool driving carts
  • At the hospital, try to take a shower using the "sit down" chair....you will feel great.
  • TRY .... TRY to do what the PT folks ask of you even if you feel like crap....try!