Dr. Vijay Bose Preoperative

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery - Preoperative investigations
Preoperative  preparation Protocol

(For Dr. Vijay C. Bose patients)

Joint Replacement surgery
has seen many recent developments and now gives consistently gratifying results using appropriate implants in the respective age groups. However it is a major surgical undertaking and must be given the utmost care and preparation. It is never an emergency procedure and thus the patient must be in an  ‘Best possible condition’ at the time of the surgery.

Preparation and investigations for the surgery is done from 3 different profiles

  1. Fitness to have anaesthetic
  2. To detect hidden sources of infection in the body
  3. To help the surgeon in the technical planning for the operation
Fitness to have anaesthetic
TC / DC / ESR*
Bld sugar (Random)*
Sr. Creatinine*
Platelet count*
Chest x-ray*
Routine urine examination*
Echo cardio gram - *Required only if older than 40 yrs of age
Other special tests if any ( please ask the doctor)

To detect hidden infection
Urine culture*
Dental opinion*
required if one has any kind of skin lesion however
minor - Dermatologist consultation*

Technical planning
Recent x-ray

May be required
CT scan
3D reconstruction
Special x-rays eg: lateral view, Wt -bearing films & Full-length films