Michael DeLattre - Baseball RBHR 9/28/10, Dr. Della Valle **VIDEO**

9 months post op and back to full on baseball

Fellow Hippies,
   Here is another video of me running to first base, and beating out a groundball to the shortstop. I had my wife keep the camera on me every time I batted. I ended up going 3 for 3 this game with 2 doubles and 3 RBI, and I even stole a base! I have been playing with an arthritic hip for the past 2 years and I didn't have 1 double in those 2 pitiful seasons. I even had guys as old as 60 running for me when I did get a single or a walk, and I was only 40! After 3 games this season, I already have 3 doubles and 2 stolen bases.
   I thank this board for my new hip. I just can't imagine what I would feel like if I would have listened to my first 2 doctors, and went ahead with the replacement. I would be totally devastated when I found out about hip resurfacing by someone else! I just hope I can pay it forward. I brag about my hip to every team I play against. I figure playing baseball with mostly guys in their 40's and 50's, someone is going to need a hip soon! I already have 2 guys calling me for further information. That feels so good.

This next video is of my double off of the wall. You can't see the ball hit the wall as my wife kept the camera on me, but listen to this video with the volume up. You will hear a great crack of the bat, and my teamates yelling that they think it is a homerun, and then the dissappointment when the ball hits the wall. 

Missed a home run by 5 feet

Michael DeLattre - Baseball RBHR 9/28/10, Dr. Della Valle

Update September 29, 2011

Hello Hipsters! Today is my 1 year anniversary. I just played basketball tonight and have a baseball playoff game tomorrow. I probably over participated a little this summer, but I have no regrets. I played in 2 baseball leagues this summer, 1 fall baseball league, and just started my fall/winter basketball league. Overall I played in about 60 baseball games, and just finished my second basketball game where I have scored 37 points and grabbed 17 rebounds in my 2 games combined. My performance and recovery have exceeded all expectations. Unfortunately, my other hip is now starting to go. I have my one year check up next month, and I will request an x-ray on both hips. I believe I can hold out for a couple of more years though. Well, as I, and many others have stated on this board, hip resurfacing has given me my athletic life back! If you are contemplating this surgery, get it done!
Mike Delattre
RBHR 9/29/11
Della Valle (Chicago)