September, BHR w/stem, 8/19/09 Dr. Vijay Bose

September, BHR w/stem, 19.Aug.2009, Dr. Vijay Bose
Female, 54yo, advanced osteoarthritis w/cysts, pain and ROM issues for seven years prior to surgery

**WARNING** Very graphic surgery photos Do Not click read more if you do not want to see them.

**WARNING** Very graphic surgery photos Do Not scroll down if you do not want to see them.  

Large cyst in the superior past and head occupying more than 40 percent of head volume.  Criteria for stability of resurfacing not adequate. 

Resection for BMHR done.

Cyst found to extend into the head - neck function superiorly breaching the circumferential rim.  

Decision taken to proceed with stemmed component.

Neck resection level as per template.

Below you can see the patient's head neck juntion were involved

Below you see the patient's femoral head.  The cyst was too large to perform hip resurfacing. It inolved well over 40% of her femur. There was no femoral head left to resurface or to do a BMHRSept2