What is an Iron Man

For those that do not know what an Iron Man is, it is  a Triathlon

In triathlon, there are basically four distances:

1.) Olympic Distance
Swim .9 miles
Bike 25 miles
Run 6.2 miles

2.) Long Course or 70.3
Swim 1.2 miles
Bike 56 miles
Run 13.1 miles

3.) Ironman
Swim 2.4 miles
Bike 112 miles
Run 26.2 miles

4.) Ultraman
Swim 6.2 miles
Bike 260.1 miles
Run 52.4 miles

If you had hip resurfacing surgery and have completed an Ironman, please email me your inspiring story for other athletes to read, you may be featured as one of the stories on our home page.  Just contact me This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it