Doctors Interviews

  • Dr. Gross Interview, S. Carolina

    Hi Dr. Gross, can you please first start out by telling us how you got started with Hip Resurfacing and give us a little background on your experience as a surgeon. Where did you train for hip resurfacing? Who trained you? Did you continue your training after starting resurfacing?

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  • Dr. Bose Interview, Chennai, India

    There are two ways to look at approaches to hip resurfacing or any hip arthroplasty. One is to view it with the amount of muscle damage done. The other is to view it in respect to the blood supply or the vascularity. The post approach is traditionally known as the muscle sparing approach and the anterior and anterolateral approaches are the muscle compromising approaches.

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  • Dr. Rogerson Interview, Madison, WI

    I perform all of the hip resurfacings personally, with one of my two PAs as the first assistant. We have a well-trained team at Stoughton Hospital involved with every case.

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  • Dr. De Smet Interview, Ghent, Belgium

    I saw 3 surgeries with DR.MCMINN in 1997. Started doing it myself 10 years ago 11th of September 1998. Have done more then 3000, and changed a lot since then with the best scientific base with not any reason based on money!

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