S & N Birmingham Mid Head Resection

The Birmingham Mid Head Resection (BMHR) was developed in response to an unmet need of providing a less invasive procedure for those patients in whom poor femoral head bone quality precludes the use of a hip resurfacing. This device does not violate the femoral shaft and was designed to take advantage of the natural proximal femoral anatomy. The short stem of the BMHR has a proximal porous load-bearing cone which fits into the prepared lower half of the femoral head and the femoral neck. The interior of this region of the femur lends itself to be shaped into a receiving cone into which the stem securely fixes. The socket component and the bearing of the device are identical to that of a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR). A modular head which matches the socket fits onto the BMHR stem through a 12/14 taper. Since this device employs the same socket and bearing as a resurfacing and the difference is only in the bigger stem which fixes into the femoral head and neck, it has also been aptly called a ‘Resurfacing Plus’ procedure.

Birmingham Mid Head Resection (BMHR)

Indications for the Mid Head Resection Prosthesis

  • Developmental dysplasia with shortened femoral head-neck segment
  • Extensive avascular necrosis of the femoral head
  • Large cysts of the femoral head
  • Abnormalities through Epiphyseolyses and Morbus Perthes (femoral head necrosis of children)
  • Reduction of bone substance due to arthroses
  • Marked bone involution through inactivity but with regression potential