• Level Two PT Exercises

    The Level Two exercises are generally for patients who have had their surgery approximately 6 to 8 weeks ago and have been cleared for hip flexion past 90 degrees by their doctor. These exercises have more of a strengthening and aggressive stretching emphasis; however, increasing function of the hip is still the primary goal.

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  • Level One PT Exercises

    This exercise program is for an individual who has received hip resurfacing surgery. Many patients who have received this surgery require individualized training and exercise program development. It is the goal of this program to give the patient general information regarding appropriate exercises to do in relation to the number of days since they received their surgery.

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  • Protocol tips by Patient and Radiologist Michael Broder, M.D.

    The main risk of microfracturing is related to excercises, machines, and activity which cause sudden impact (various excercise machines, jogging, running, certain sports activities).

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  • How Fast Will I Recover?

    I believe that as patients we tend to have a selective memory when it comes to reading other patients post op stories. We read the super hero recoveries and secretly believe we will be one of them, remembering ONLY the really phenomenal recoveries. I know I did and was extremely disappointed that I was not out running a marathon at three months post op.

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  • Exercises recommended following your Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

    McMinn Centre Physio Brian demonstrates the exercises recommended following your Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, Mid Head Resection or Large Headed Total Hip Replacement operation.

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