Patient Stories

  • G Grant

    G Grant

    Surgeon: Dr Su @ HSS
    Place : Left Hip Resurfacing-BHR
    Surgery on : 7/10/20
    Condition: Osteoarthritis/multiple labrum tears/FAI
    Sports: Hockey, running, weightlifting, golf

    Hi Everyone - I wanted to share my hip resurfacing journey for anyone thinking about the same procedure. I’m so thankful to the group for doing the same. A VERY special thank you to Debbie for running the site and all her support throughout the process-She’s been amazing!

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  • Nancy


    Surgery Treatment by Dr. Gross
    Place : Right Side Hip
    Surgery on :10/30/17

    I'm a retired firefighter, athlete, world champion mountain bike racer, etc. I had my left hip resurfaced in 2008 by Dr. Ure. It hasn't been the best outcome because the cup was placed too steep at 60 degrees. I've been fortunate that it hasn't failed and my metal ions are low. I do deal with chronic groin pain in extreme flexion positions and I can no longer run long distance. I've been involved in the hippy community and became friends with Vicky Marlow, the patient advocate for hip resurfacing. She hosted annual hippy gatherings that were very informational, inspiring and often had quest speakers, including several of the most experienced resurfacing surgeons. This is how I had the opportunity to meet several resurfacing surgeons including Mr. McMinn.

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  • Alex


    Surgery Treatment by Dr. DeSmet
    Place : Right Side Hip
    Surgery on : 6/27/19

    I suppose my journey into the world of hip surgery started the same as most everyone else’s. I was doing an activity I loved and started feeling noticeable pain in my leg. I was in Baja, where we spend our winters, and the activity was kiteboarding. It was early 2019. I had also been recently introduced to pickleball (the senior citizens’ religion), and as a former tennis player became addicted.

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